Updates for the week ending 9/24/2021

I continued to improve our link building processes this week because it’s so very important!

Link building is powerful. It is one of Google’s core algorithm factors and what make it different (and emerge as a leader) over other search engines.

Link building is scary. If you don’t do link building right, your efforts could be ignored (at best) or get your website banned (at worst).

Link building is important. If you want a successful SEO campaign, it has to include link building.

One of the best (and Google-friendly) ways to get links is through branded link building. That’s why I simplified the process and published an update this week.

Not everyone has a brand that others are talking about (if that’s true for yours, perhaps you should start with HARO). At the same time, you need ways to get more and better links than that! That’s where competitor link building can help. It applies much of the same process as branded link building, but you’re looking at competitors, rather than searching for yourself in Google. The trick: just because a competitor has a link, doesn’t mean you want it, too! Do better! I also updated this process over the last week.

If you’ve been following news in the SEO world (I’ve shared a couple articles about this in our regular updates, as well) you’ve heard that Google is now changing title tags in the the search results. In other words, what you state within your <title /> of your page isn’t necessarily what Google will be displaying in the SERPs. In a way, Google is just doing with title tags as they have done with meta descriptions for a while: taking your tags as suggestions. There are ways to increase the chance of Google using your title tag or meta descriptions (which I explain in the process) but the good news is that the process for writing a good title tag or meta description does not need to change. In fact, as far as title tags go, it’s more important than ever to follow this process!

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