Updates for the week ending 8/30/2021

OOPS! Caught and fixed some mistakes this week!

The first mistake I fixed was re-adding the “Add to Trello” buttons to each task. Well, technically the buttons were still there- they were just invisible. I looked for a CSS solution to fix them all at once but alas- no go. So, for your benefit, I went into every single task and changed the button’s color so you can see it and use them. Why is this so important? Because I half of the success of an SEO campaign is staying organized– and I think Trello does that very well.

The other mistake I fixed was with the new form-submission tracking in GA4 process. I told you that you only needed to use part of your URL in the location-field but I was wrong: you need to enter your full domain name into the field if you want to track a form submission as a lead. I’d still suggest that this is an optional step (and you focus on Universal Analytics for now) but if you want extra-credit take some time and update your GA4 and start collecting that precious data!

Have a question about this process? Ask it here:

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