Updates for the week ending 5/14/21

In case you haven’t noticed- lots of big changes over the last week!

Our new website design is not only an aesthetic improvement, but offers several other features:

  • Search for answers to your SEO questions with our more prominent search feature. You’re probably not the first person to ask that question!
  • Processes are now sorted by most recently updated. This should not only confirm that what you’re reading is up to date, but you can more clearly see when a process has been updated.
  • Improved readability to the processes.
  • The website runs faster than before. This should help you get to business faster.
  • Have a question about a specific process? Ask it at the bottom of the page.

Another important update (outside Curious Ants) is Schema.org’s release of their version of Google’s Schema Tool. SEOs all over the world have been frustrated with Google replacing their tool with the Rich Snippets tool. Thankfully some people working with Schema.org have worked hard to move it over to their website. Schema is a great way to help communicate what your content is about with Google.

We’ve been focusing on link building lately and made a couple improvements to those processes.

One of the best ways to find link opportunities for your company is to see who is linking to your competitors. I call this, competitive link building. Before you do this, you need to know who your online competitors are. I discovered a new way to find competitors that I added to the process.

We’ve recently simplified the process for guest blogging as well.

Have a question about this process? Ask it here:

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