Updates for the week ending 1/8/2021

Let’s start the new year off by creating better monthly reports for ourselves (and our clients)!

I can’t underestimate the value of a valuable monthly report. With all the tasks we are doing (and Curious Ants is focusing on the tasks) we can’t miss the forest for the trees! Are our SEO efforts working? Did what we do on our website actually help us? What needs to be improved? Are there other opportunities out there that we could be taking advantage of? These are the kinds of things a good report helps us know.

That’s why I improved the process for creating a monthly report, this week. I recommend you use Google Data Studio to create a report, send it to yourself on a monthly basis, and then take time to add your own analysis- whether or not you have to send the report to your boss or client!

While doing this I went-in and made a couple suggestions within the Google Analytics setup process and the monthly report process to suggest you add your domain name to the name of your view. This will make your life a lot easier, when you start adding data into Data Studio.

Have a question about this process? Ask it here:

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