Updates for the Week of March 11, 2022

Lately I’ve added an additional report to our Weekly Google Analytics Dashboard that I thought might help you too.

The Weekly Google Analytics SEO Dashboard is a valuable tool to help quickly identify problems. I cannot tell you how many times this dashboard has caught serious issues on a website and prevented bigger issues later.

Most of us are tracking several different leads- because there are several things we want our website to accomplish. For instance, we might not just want people to contact us, but we want them to call us, too. Not everyone who visits us is ready to make a purchase (or ready to hire us) yet. So sometimes we setup secondary calls-to-action (“download this PDF and I’ll sign you up for my email list”) too. We want to track those leads too. U

This betrays a limitation on the weekly dashboard. While it monitors the total number of lead you’re getting (not as a way of measuring success but to make sure everything’s tracking correctly) it doesn’t distinguish the kinds of leads you’re tracking. That means, while you might be getting some leads, another lead source (even soft leads) might have stopped working. This new addendum to the weekly dashboard is designed to catch these.

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