Updates for the week ending May 29th, 2020

After a couple glitches in the website migration I found time to make a couple improvements to the SEO game plan too.

Website migrations are one of the hardest part of any SEO campaign. This is why I don’t typically recommend changing a domain name unless absolutely necessary. I should have taken my own advice. In fact, I keep uncovering errors I need to fix after the migration.

Thankfully most of these are just SEO issues (ha!) and it shouldn’t affect your access to the game plan (although, for a while, you weren’t able to view any of the videos). If you notice something is off, please don’t hesitate to email me (replying to the weekly email will work) or tweet me @theSEOGamePlan.

Maybe I’ll use this opportunity to write-up an SEO checklist for migrating websites so you can learn from my mistakes. Isn’t that the point of Curious Ants? I learn and share that knowledge with you (in the form of processes). Yes, it is.

Enough about my problems. What have I done for you, lately?

Well, after some constructive criticism I’ve updated a couple of the videos examples. It seems they were too long. I’ve taken some time and broken the videos into shorter chunks. I hope that makes them easier to follow. I started with the keyword research overview videos (available to anyone with a Free plan) but plan on making shorter videos for processes, in the future.

Like I said, this came as a result of input from a user. If you have other input feel free to reach-out to me. I’ll welcome your ideas to make the SEO game plan even more useful.

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