Updates for the week ending January 5, 2024

This week I replaced an old link building service with a new one and am suggesting you use another webmaster tools service.

In a recent SEO Group Coaching it came to my attention that HARO was going away. Oh no! I love HARO and check it every day! The good news is that it is being replaced with Connectively. While this service is basically the same, there are a couple changes.

For one, you have to login to their page and browse through the queries yourself. This seems like a pain but it is a lot easier to use than the 3 emails a day. With their page, you can search, filter, and sort all the queries to find the most relevant ones to respond to on behalf of your clients.

Another change with Connectively is that you are limited in how many queries you can respond to in a month- unlike HARO, which was unlimited. This is disappointing but it makes sense that they would monetize this in this way- because you can reply to more queries if you use a paid plan. This might improve the quality of queries for the people looking for information- which, for our purposes, will make the links of better quality.

In addition I added a new service to the Weekly SEO Audit plan: Ahrefs Webmaster Tools. Ahrefs is a premium SEO tool but their free data is very valuable- and worth getting. You can even signup for a weekly email notification that will tell you issues you need to fix on your website.

I like to keep the tools I recommend in Curious Ants to be free. Although both these tools have paid options, I’m not necessarily recommending you pay for these tools- at least yet. Get started by learning how to use the free tools so you can grow-into the paid tools- and they make sense. I’m convinced a lot of tools like this (I’m looking at you SEMRush!) make a ton of money by taking advantage of people who don’t know how to use them. I hope Curious Ants teaches you how to do SEO so that you can grow into more advanced tools, like these.

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