Updates for the week ending 6/25/21

I continued to improve the local listings process plus added a new process for analytics.

With the conversations around local business listings in Office Hours recently, took some time to record a video explaining how to use the process of adding and updating local listings. Since it’s such a long process, I broke it into several specific videos- each for a different aspect of local listings. I anticipate having to update this process again- even breaking it into several steps- since it’s a very involved (and important) process for any small business.

Another issue we’ve struggled with in Office Hours is how to handle GA4. Google is pushing all new Google Analytics accounts into GA4 even though it’s not ready for everyone. They’re being so sneaky about this, it can be hard to know how to add Universal Analytics to a website. They hid it under something they call “advanced.” Since GA4 is lacking many fundamental processes, I recommend everyone use Universal Analytics for now and recorded a process to show you how to create a proper, Universal Analytics account when you create a new account. In fact, it’s so important, I made this process available to anyone for free.

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