Update for the week ending March 8, 2024

Local listings (like a Google Business Profile) is a lifeline for many small businesses. I’ve updated the process to help you better serve your clients.

Long overdue, this week I updated the local listings process. Well, to be honest, a trusted partner of Curious Ants updated our process: Tricia Clements from Your Biz Watchdog did all the hard work.

Here are some improvements we made:

  • Expanded explanation on the importance of local listings.
  • A clarified list of things you need to collect before you begin.
  • An improved Google Sheet to better manage your listings.
  • Three options on creating listings: manually, a service (with a free trial), or an automated service.
  • Up to date guidelines about reviews (in light of not only Google but the FCC- to the best of our knowledge, please check these yourself).

Tricia is the true expert in this and I’m thankful for her downloading her expertise into the Curious Ants process.

Still up: I need to record new videos outlining the new process here- stay tuned!

Oh yeah, a week ago I snuck-in a couple small updates to the branded link building process. Nothing major changed, I simply updated some out dated statements. Take a look at this process- it’s easy to do and an easy win for most clients.

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