What Are the Steps to Understanding Search Engine Optimization?

When we create a website, we hear about SEO but don’t know where to begin. Here are some steps to help you with SEO.

Automated Transcript:

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I guess maybe my I need more distinguishment between some of the terminology there. so, I guess what I mean, is more full service SEO, but Can you explain to me how technical SEO is a component of that? Yeah. So I I liked break SEO into four, simple steps measure everything, that’s where we start. Then it’s technical SEO, which is how does Google interpret our website. Once we know that Google is able to read our website correctly, then we move on to content Which is what most people think of, as ICF. But if we do content first in Google isn’t able to see our site that contents wasted. Yeah, right. Yep. If and if we do technical SEO or any, I see without measuring it. That you know, the tree fell in the forest but no one’s there to hear it. Did it really even fall right? It really and then last comes link building, which is the important part of SEO because there’s a lot of websites to talk about the same topics but which of them is best and that’s where link building comes in. and so, I, When it comes to the technical aspect of SEL, I’m checking search console every week. to make sure there’s no new problems that have come up because stuff, just happens just stuff happens and but once you kind of get ahead of the problem, Then. You will find it, you’ll have more time for content. But I usually will start with the technical SEO, and we’re using a WordPress website. Most of the technical SEO is taken care of already. Right? We just are really lucky to have WordPress and such a great system, but they’re going to be some things to fix still. It’s okay. All right I’m sorry. Depends on who built it. Right. It very much. Depends on him. Built. But there are things in. This is one of my favorite topics on work. Amp circuit is all the technical problems with SEO on WordPress sites. You know, like the read more tag where you publish. If you publish a blog post and you put it on a category, you see the entirety of the blog post in the archive in the category on the date page in the tag. Like that’s a problem that’s a duplicate content problem. So we To make sure our theme is set up to only show a preview of the post, the post or we manually go in each blog post and how to read more tag, right? There’s other technical issues with s with WordPress as it comes to SEO. Oh like that, the the discouraged web search engines from checking this. That’s a so often the Bravo like how many times we forget that? Yeah in there. Yeah, I mean I’ve been there too. I like I had a client that it was a longer story short but yeah, I was like two months later. We realized. Oh shit, we forgot to uncheck, yeah. Wow. Not a good, not a good start to the campaign. Now it’s that’s why it’s number one on the checklist to launch a new website. It’s yeah, yeah. Thanks I like, but I guess within that so with with your if your Approaching SEO as a four-part piece. You don’t begin the content until the technical is altogether. Yeah. Right. You kind of start with the technical content, takes a little bit of time. You got to have good writers. The clients got to approve it and so wall, you’re almost preparing to launch the content while you’re looking at the technical aspects. But also let’s say let’s say there’s a huge con technical problems, your website and your publishing blog post. Well it’s okay to be publishing a those blog posts might be not not not be doing as well because the technical issue. But once you fix the technical issue, suddenly all that content will be valuable. so it’s this fine balance of we’re going to tackle the technical issues first, but we’re not going to stop doing the other stuff. Because once we have all the technical stuff fixed that other stuff will be even more effective. and, That that’s does that help a little bit. Yeah, yeah.

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