Troubleshooting GA4

In this week’s Office Hours we, as a group, tried to wrap our brains around GA4- Google’s latest version of Analytics.

If you’ve created a new Google Analytics account lately, it’s likely that Google has “tricked” you into GA4- their new version. The problem: this version of Google Analytics is not ready for public use. It doesn’t have all the necessary features and the documentation is confusing and incomplete. It will get there someday, but it’s not ready yet- and I’m disappointed that Google is pushing people into it already.s

Now, if you already have a Google Analytics account (called “Universal Analytics”) Google is pushing you to create a new GA4 property. This is a good idea- you’ll be glad you started to accumulate the data in your GA4 account when we all move into it- but the directions on how to do this is confusing. Worse: the results are inconsistent.

This week’s office hours are not so much an answer but several questions for which we did not find any answers.

Perhaps you have the answers to our questions! Leave them as comments to this post OR on YouTube. We’d appreciate the help!

What does this have to do with SEO?

Well, no matter what marketing you’re doing to promote your business’ website, you need to know how well it’s doing. Google Analytics is a great way to measure your results- this way you know what’s working, and what’s not, so you can put more time into what’s helping and less into ineffective marketing channels.

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