Track ecommerce sales in Google Analytics

How can you import your website ecommerce sales into your Google Analytics?

If the main goal of your website is to track sales of products, you need to be sure to setup goal tracking that includes sales information from those purchases. This is different than tracking a form submission as a goal. It might sound complicated, but it’s worth it so you know exactly how much you’re making from your sales- and the source of your sales- so you know if and which marketing channels are working for your business.


I have a question actually as well, I’m goals. Yeah, so, um, if you’ve got a, an e-commerce site and your goals, like let’s say, you know, their item, they’re obviously items. People are going to put in their carton purchased, and then get to the thank you page. So um, I guess I need to see. I thinking they have one, thank you page and it’s not separate for each individual thing. Like thank you for buying XYZ. It’s just going to be thank you for your purchase. So um so that part is setting the goal up for the purchase is fine. However how do you set up and like differentiate? I mean other than I guess looking at your what Disbursement of like, what was actually bought, is there something in analytics and can tell you that as well? Am I making sense? Yeah. So you want to do e-commerce Tracking not just gold tracking. Okay, so that’s what I mean. I’m just, I’m presuming. Is that correct? So you would like, and you had a Linux to be able to say, I sold six five dollar products, seven seven dollar products in 16, one dollar products and they each from, okay. So too That you have to set up e-commerce tracking. So that’s a different type of tracking. It is a different type of tracking, it’s complicated setup manually but most e-commerce Solutions have built-in mechanisms to send a data straight to Google analytics. So would be would woocommerce have something I believe they have a pay for solution to that. Okay, I don’t recommend will come on. So I guess, well, this is why I’m it, right? But but that is what you need to look for woocommerce integration with Google analytics because there are several pieces of information will Commerce knows that they need to pass to Google analytics, okay? And it needs to happen your code. So you have to have whatever the feature is within woocommerce, it set that up in your group. So but I can just set up a A goal and say anyone that makes it to this, thank you for your purchase that records, a goal and then for specifics I need to go into and have that woocommerce paid Plug-In or whatever that is. Okay. Um okay so that’s okay. All right I don’t know that that’s I’m going to probably set up the little goal and then have someone else that’s doing there we Commerce, do the rest because I’m that’s not something I’m familiar with in not something I want to get Into its two to come. Lex to just partway, do it and learn it. Don’t, don’t be intimidated by it. Should be as simple as turning on a plug-in and setting up the information to be able to send it to Google analytics. Yeah, there should not be any programming involved, it’s the should be as simple as. A woocommerce Google analytics integration and because because pardon me there’s this very specific set of information that literally gets sent to the right endpoint. Google analytics it’s perfect and easy for the computer to do it. Yeah it should be automated and so we just you just find the right solution to automatically. Send that information in. Okay, next question. And so I know you said you don’t like woocommerce, I understand that, what do you is there?

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