The best way to add Google Analytics to a WordPress website

The Sitekit plugin is the best way to do this but there’s a trick to do it right!

No matter what marketing you’re doing, be sure to setup your Google Analytics on your site. If you’re using WordPress, the Sitekit plugin is great. There are a couple of tricks to this, though, especially when it comes to the new GA4. Do it right at first, and you can move on to more important things.


So my question is and I’m sure I’m I you’ve already answered this before but reminds me G. So when we have g a fork we used Google tag manager or Google site kit to add that or both or what. So site, kick the site kit WordPress, plugin uses. Universal analytics exclusively at this point if I’m up to date. Okay. And there’s a lot of guarding in that statement. Yeah, yeah and things changed it and by the minutes last I saw it only does Universal. However, I would recommend not using site kit to install Google analytics, I would use site kit plug-in to Tall. Google tag manager. The name is Google tag manager to install both Universal analytics and ga4, okay? Alright that’s that helps. Now I have maybe another question because I need to look at my site yet because what happens if I go in because like from what I remember and I haven’t looked at it for a little while. What I remember is if I go in and I have sight kit, I can connect all these different things. Things. So, like Google tag manager, Google analytics. So what happens if I connect tag manager, an analytics stuff to go, unconnect one, I think, I think, I’m I’m forgetting, I haven’t done in a while so I would be very careful so you can test things, right? So you there isn’t if you just set up sidekick plug-in. It will automatically start sending Google analytics traffic, by inserting the Google analytics code into your site. There is a way to set up tag manager and then if you login to your tag manager account, you it should show whether or not at all. X is in there. I suspect. It’s installing both not one. Okay. So we also, which would dub, which would mess up the analytics, right? That way, if you, you would need to remove analytics from site kit and only serve up tag manager. So you otherwise, if you serve up analytics within tag manager and analytics, website, kit your double-counting track, okay? So that would be not good. Now, there are other advantages to cite kit. You can set up search console through site kit. Not going to hurt you. Go ahead and do it. You can setup page, speed insights through site kit, not going to hurt you. In fact, there might be some advantages coming down the pike from what I hear and doing that. So but those are the only things you really need for you. Cite kit for, okay? Okay, that helps. Thank you. I’m gonna tie us up but I want to make sure we got all our questions answered for today. Yes, you did.

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