Google Analytics Segments (9/23/2020)

In this week’s Office Hours we talked about setting up Google Analytics segments, back links, and one-page websites.

When looking into your Google Analytics data, sometimes it’s helpful to only look at a certain data point. In this week’s Office Hours we discuss how you can limit your Google Analytics data to only view data from the United States. While you can permanently change your View to only show data from the US, the safest way to do this is by using a Segment. We set one of these up.

We also talked about linking from one site to another, and whether those links need to be nofollowed.

In addition, we briefly spoke about the ability for one-page websites to rank in Google. Do they even need/can they benefit from SEO?

Lastly we discussed scheduling Instagram posts to be published at certain times- without having to use your phone.

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