Easy Conversion Rate Optimization (08/19/2020)

In Office Hours for the week of August 19th, we discussed how to improve conversion rates.

One of the earliest steps in a successful SEO campaign is to optimize your site for conversions. The problem: how do you do this when you might not have enough data (or traffic) yet? Well, the first step is making sure it’s easy for your customers to contact you.

In this week’s Office Hours, we discuss how to improve conversion rates on websites merely by simplifying your conversion process. Many times, all this takes is making your call-to-action more clear. Sometimes that can mean making sure your customers don’t have to jump through too many hoops, just to reach you.

Of course, there’s a lot to consider here. We discussed (debated friendly) how to do this to make everyone happy- from the potential customer to the website owner.

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