Link Building

What is link building?

Link building is the process of finding a website that can link to your website. It’s not only a way of promoting your website on other websites, but it’s one of the things Google uses to decide how to rank your website in the search results. 

Do I need link building training?

Every website needs links. Not only is this how Google discovers your website, but it’s how Google decides which websites (many of which talk about similar topics) are the best. Links to your website are a fundamental part of Google’s algorithm since the beginning. This is why link-building training is part of Curious Ants. 

Does link building still work?

You might have heard rumors that “link building is dead.” Well, bad link building is dead for sure. Google is better able to tell if a link is an accurate measure of a website’s authority (or not) than it ever has been. So don’t waste your time with sneaky or black-hat backlinks to your website. You need to do it the right way (in light of Google’s guidelines) if you want your links to work for you. Curious Ant’s link-building guide will show you how to build links that work.

How to do good link building

Google has particular rules about what links “good” and what makes a link “bad”- and you should familiarize yourself with Google’s guidelines. Link building done right is like working in public relations. 

How to do link building for my website

That depends on your website. There are many good ways to build links (that are Google-compliant) to your website. Not all of them will make sense for every website. Link building training from Curious Ants can teach you many different ways to build links- but you’ll need to decide which works best for your website.

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