Build link-worthy content

The best link you can build for yourself or your client is one you don’t build, but earn.

Why is link worthy content important?

Link building is hard- especially if you’re trying to do it the right way. It’s also risky- at best, bad links get ignored by Google; at worst you could receive a Google penalty. Link worthy content is designed to earn organic links in a way that would not get you in trouble with Google because you earned them, rather than manufactured them.

What should you expect from link worthy content?

The goal of link worthy content (sometimes called “link bait”) is to attract links to your website. This takes a lot of time to research, produce, and promote- often several months of work. After all that work there’s no guarantee you will even earn a link. However, at the worst case you will have good and unique content on your website- and that’s not a bad thing. With practice you will be more successful at attracting links to your site using this method.

The Link Bait Process

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