Add a site to the Knowledge Graph

Suppose your business does not have a local address or exists solely online. In that case, you should aim to get listed in Google’s Knowledge Graph.

Why is the Knowledge Graph important?

The Knowledge Graph makes your brand look credible. When your business has a location, Google will often list your business information in the right sidebar when someone searches for your business’ name. However, without an address, you lose this benefit, so you must pursue earning a listing in the Knowledge Graph instead.

The Knowledge Graph shows up when Google establishes that your business is an “entity”- that is when Google knows your business is more than your name. It can take a lot of work to earn the Knowledge Graph. Still, when you do, you will reach the credibility of appearing more prominently (for branded searches).

What should you expect from the Knowledge Graph?

Earning the Knowledge Graph takes much work. It is even more challenging with new businesses. It will likely take several months before Google sees your website as more than just a name.

The Process for Appearing in the Knowledge Graph

In order to learn how to do this you’ll need to signup for more access.

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