Updates for the week ending May 22, 2020

Big changes! I’ve re-branded the SEO Game Plan to Curious Ants!

What is a “curious ant”?

An ant is a hard-working creature. They stick to their task and keep working until the job is done. That’s one of the important charactistics of a productive SEO campaign- you need to keep working at it, to see success.

SEO takes more than hard work. It takes curiosity, too. There’s always something new to learn. You can’t be too set in your ways. In other words, you don’t want to be the ant who is just following the others. You want to be the curious ant who ventures out to try new things. That’s how you see true SEO success. This SEO game plan endeavors to always be improving its processes- as the curious ant finds new ways of doing SEO.

I’ve expanded on this analogy on the homepage as well.

Why would I rebrand the SEO Game Plan?

As an SEO, I have to admit that I often overlook branding. SEO is about getting found for services your customers want. Who cares about the brand name behind it?

That’s a flaw in my thinking. If I don’t have a brand, I’m just another commodity. The SEO game plan is not just another way to do SEO. There’s something more to the processes I’m offering you:

  • There are lots of ways to do SEO. This is not just a virtual book teaching SEO. It’s a series of processes you can follow. Doing the work is inherit in this process. For you to get the most value from these SEO processes, you’ll need to be like a hard-working ant.
  • Baked-into this SEO game plan is the ever-growing nature of SEO. If I were to write a book (or even provide an e-book) it would be out dated the moment it hit publication. One of the values this SEO game plan provides is that it’s constantly kept up to date. This is why you don’t just need to be an ant, but a curious one.

I’m rebranding to better explain the value of these SEO process documents.

Besides, as I talk about this with others, the name (The SEO Game Plan) is so broad it’s hard to remember. What was the name of that SEO thing David was working on?

Why should you care?

This rebranding affects you in a couple ways:

  1. Visit curiousants.com instead of theSEOgameplan.com to gain access to the processes. There is a redirect in place to help you, if you forget.
  2. If you’ve saved a password in a password manager, you might need to make an update. I hope this isn’t too inconvenient for you.

Have a question about this process? Ask it here:

Get started doing SEO today

SEO seems hard- you have to keep up with all the changes and weed through contradictory advice. This is frustrating and overwhelming. Curious Ants will teach you SEO while bringing your website more traffic and customers- because you’ll learn SEO while doing it.