Updates for the week ending March 20th, 2020

This week I continued to make progress on our SEO processes- just not the videos (for now).

For one, I updated the overall Game Plan. I decided to move a couple steps off the main game plan. These steps didn’t deserve specific consideration as a step in-and-of themselves. They’re still very important, however, so you can reach them from within other steps (kind of like they’re now sub-steps of specific processes). If you’re a free user, you can view the entire process but you’ll need to be a paid user in order to access the actual processes.

I also realized I was locking free users out of the process for doing keyword research on a specific page. Sorry about that. To make up for this I’ve updated this process. This is a strange process- you’ve already done keyword research for specific pages in the overview process. Why do you need another process for a specific page? For one, this might catch something you miss during the overview process. Also, I help you determine what you should talk about on your page- which can be a challenge sometimes, even if you have an idea of your focus keyword. I also show you how I return to the page (every couple of months) to review my research and look for a better keyword focus.

I also updated the process on how to optimize a specific page on your site. I know there are a ton of posts on the internet showing you how to do this already. Why am I hiding this post for paid users only? Because I’m going to keep this process up to date. This is the value of The SEO Game Plan. Sure, you could Google any of the processes and you might find an article on how to do them. Will it be using the current best practices? Is it someone’s link bait effort to get you to click on their site? Has it been tested with any sites? You could spend a lot of time and waste a lot of effort trying to figure this out. With the SEO Game Plan, you know you’re getting the latest and most up-to–date best practices for SEO.

I’m currently re-evaluating the way I’m doing videos. In the meantime I’m going to fill-out as many processes as I can. I’ll later return to record videos for each process.

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