Updates for the week ending 6/18/21

In our Office Hours, we’ve been speaking about local listings lately. I finally got around to making a couple updates on this process, this week.

Local listings are websites that tell people where they can find your business. The most important of these is Google MyBusiness. However, Google considers what other websites say about your business when the decide whether or not to show your business to your customers. Plus- not eveyone uses Google Maps! Get your business out-there on some other services, as well.

This week, I clarified the process for local listing (or local optimization). For one, it’s a long process that I tried to simplify as much as possible. There’s still a lot of little details in there, but it’s a little more concise. Second, the ordering of the process was confusing and broken. I updated it so you can see the steps (and sub-steps) more clearly.

Most importantly, however, I updated a spreadsheet to help you manually find, manage, and add your business to several other important websites. I’ve found around 60 different websites to which you need to list your business. For each, the spreadsheet helps you find out if you’re already listed there and, if not, how to add your website.

Have a question about this process? Ask it here:

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