Why Your Google Business Listing is So Important

Many businesses don’t think having a Google business listing is that important. Here is why it is.

Video transcript:

Tricia: I have some other things about Google Business Profiles that I can talk about if anyone wants to hear.

David: Yeah.

Tricia: Unless anyone has a question.

Tim: No, I’ve got notes on this. So, I would think I’m good to go. I appreciate it.

Tricia: Okay. Good. So, I am in Florida, and I am hiring some contractors to do some work for me. So, I’m probably a little bit different than others in that I’m going online researching before I call any of these contractors. I find it so interesting, and I’m like, these people need help. I’ll go online, and I’ll research the usual. Look at Google, look at their reviews, look at Better Business Bureau, look at the Secretary of State – that’s a big one. If they’re not on the Secretary of State’s website, no. I look at their website and do all kinds of research. Then I call them, and then I schedule everything. I will say that the first thing businesses that you know need to get their stuff good on the Secretary of State’s website. I think that because I worked in an attorney’s office, that’s the first place I tend to look. But they really need to be on there.

David: What are the consequences if they’re not registered as a business? Liability protection?

Tricia: Part of it depends. Like, so I’m using contractors, and I want somebody who has a corporation and who has insurance and everything. Now, there are things like a sole proprietor that doesn’t need to have a business. But I’d rather have a business where I know they’ve gone through all the steps. That’s not necessarily a hundred percent requirement for businesses. I’m sure people can work as a sole proprietor and do taxes and get insurance and stuff. I feel more comfortable, especially when I don’t know them, with going in and making sure that they’re an actual business. With a sole proprietor, it’s like, well, how long have you even been in business? And who knows? But you can see on the Secretary of State’s website exactly when they organized or incorporated. So, that’s the first thing. The second is the Better Business Bureau. You can get a free listing. I definitely recommend that. And then, Googling your business name and checking out to see where you’re listed and your reviews and stuff. Because, you know, once I would pick a couple of companies out, I would do a brand search and see what I could find and read people’s reviews. Next Door is a big one that I was looking at. Then, this happened yesterday. There were two businesses that had epic fails on their Google Business Profiles. So, I was out, and I’m not familiar in the area, and I went up to a company, and I was talking to them, and I was referred to another business. Luckily, the lady wrote down the name and phone number of the business. So, what happened was I got in the car and typed it in Google Maps, and hit go. And I’m driving along, and all of a sudden, I’m looking around going, this doesn’t look right. It says I have arrived, and I look, and it’s a residence. This business has its home address listed when it really should have a service area. Because I thought I was going to a showroom to look at things for remodeling, and I ended up at somebody’s house. I’m thinking, I’m not getting out, no, I’m not. That’s not how your Google Profile should work. The only time it should have your home address is if you have signage out and you actually have people come in during business hours. That’s the only time. A lot of municipalities don’t allow you to put your business sign up. So, you should have a service area, meaning you hide your address. So, that was the first one. So, then I’m thinking, where’s this business? I had the business name, and what happened was when I put it in Google and just hit go, I put it in Google, and something came up, and I didn’t focus that much on it because I was in the car. Well, what happened was the one that actually had a physical showroom to go into did not have a Google Business Profile. That’s why they didn’t come up on the map. So, then I’m sitting there thinking, where are you located? I’ve got a name. So, I called them, and I was like, “I’m trying to find you.” And I got to their location, and I’m like, “You don’t have a Google Business Profile. I couldn’t find you. If that lady had not given me your phone number, I’d have never been here.” So, those are two things in one trip! It was like, businesses that didn’t have their profile properly done. So, the funny thing was that the one that didn’t have a profile, it’s husband and wife, and they have two locations that are two suites down from the other in a little strip mall, the wife said, “Well, when we first started, and it was just one location, we submitted it for Google, and we never could get verified, so we gave up on it.” You need to get verified so people can find you. So, that’s my little story for tips on businesses to get their Google Business Profiles in order. If I did not have that one number, I never would have found that business, and it’s really cool what they do – epoxy countertops. I’m excited. So excited that I got in touch with them. But I almost didn’t.

David: Good case study.

Tricia: Yes.

David: Good case study of why this is so important.

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