Why tracking website leads is important

One of the most important steps in an SEO campaign is to track leads. Why?

There are several reasons why you need to track your website leads. For one, it puts your focus on the right thing.


The most important issue is tracking the success of marketing campaigns. We can’t track email clicks because we do not have a form, so we don’t know all of our marketing value.

The most important part is to focus on delivering leads or sales to our clients. If we do this, we show our clients the value we’re providing because they see how much business is getting, so they’re willing to keep working with us- and that’s good. Or, in Ellie’s case, she shows her boss: look at all this stuff we’re getting our client! If we focus on that, the client starts paying attention.

So many times, when people hire us, there’s like, “No one’s going to contact me from the website.” However, we point this out in our monthly reports: how many people have contacted you for your services over the last month? They then say, “I guess I should look at that email.” All right!

The first six months for almost every client is troubleshooting. Issues like: who is getting these sales leads? Is anybody replying to them? Those questions help the client go well beyond SEO.

Once I’ve tested and filled out their form, I see what comes back. I want to know what a response looks like. I recommend doing that every six months- just testing and filling out a form: make sure nothing breaks, someone hasn’t left the company, and their email address is still getting the leads, etc.

No matter how you get the contact, turnaround time matters. Once it is past 48 hours, that’s it! I mean, even just for myself. Let’s say I wanted pickles or a new dog collar so I message someone on Etsy. If they don’t respond to me, I message someone else. If that person responded within an hour, but the first person finally got back to me (but it was two days later), I’d say, “Sorry, I’m going with someone else now.” I found something else that worked for me because the person responded quickly.

It’s about putting a client’s focus on the lead. These problems, like response time, take care of themselves because the client already thinks this way, but that’s hard.

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