Why Should I Set Up Conversion Rate Optimization for My Website?

It is important to consider conversion rate optimization when creating your website. This is why.

Automated Transcript:

okay, so lavanya conversion rate optimization.

So this part of the process, I made it a step in the process because


It’s it.

I think it’s one of the easiest wins for any new website.

And that is weave cotton people to come to your website.

What do we want them to accomplish?

And that’s really what I’m asking in step 5 of the conversion rate.

Optimization process is when they come to your site, what can they do?

That makes your your, your company money.

now, for most of us,

That is contact us so that we can provide a service for some of us it’s purchase this product, right for selling a product, like, whether that product is, you know, sweaters for dogs or like Trisha has a product, you know, get an audit for your local listings, but the point is, we have to focus on what is the goal of the website.

How can we get more of the goals?

Now, a couple steps earlier in the whole SEO process, you’ve set up goals to track.

Your conversions in analytics.

Yeah, that I was looking at that being my contact page, but I also have like other

Contact forms throughout the website, but one of them was supposed to be for on like a free download or something.

Could that be a part of a conversion rate or it has to be something that

Is going to make the want the person to call you, too.

For your service.


So there are two kinds of conversions for any website.

One is the hard lead and one is the soft lead.

So the hardly it is pay service provider.

I’d like to pay you money for what you do like, that’s where that’s the hard lead.

Every website should have a hard lead by, you know, by from me, contact me for a quote, whatever the hard lead is

But it’s probably a good idea that your website also have a soft lead as well.

And the soft lead might be something like download this PDF or the soft lead might be something like did an audit something that is for someone who’s not.

Ready to pay you for your services but you want to give them the opportunity.

To do something.

And that that that soft lead.

Isn’t it say something?

You make money, like I don’t make money from a free website audit but I offer it right.

What I want from that free was a Dada is first of all someone to to start to think about working with me, I add them to my email list and they start getting emails so I can kind of drip them into conversion but they not ready.

We another way is like another thinking about this is the marry me but

In the date me button.

You know, the hard lead is the marry me.

Well I really want to work with the service provider.

I’m going to marry that person to contact them and we’re going to make an arrangement.

The dating is I I think I like this person and I want to test the waters so I want to hit that download the PDF and kind of get to know more about this person.


So when you’re talking about the two kinds of conversions hard soft, marry me date me.


Yes you should probably have both of those but one of the things is to make sure it’s really really easy and clear to your website visitors how to do each

And that’s what we mean by conversion rate optimization.

The goal is when someone comes to your website it is perfectly clear, exactly what they can do to you to get your service.

There’s sometimes people want to be more subtle about it.

But your website visitor is coming because they need a solution, you help who.

And so we want to make it very clear, how they can get that help by making it front and center, what the conversion is?

Don’t think of it as obnoxious.

I mean, it doesn’t have to be obnoxious, shouldn’t be like

it, but it’s been a should be direct like in sometimes, we’re scared of asking for the direct and that’s what the conversion May process is trying to help us think through is what look, what is beneficial.

So let’s I’m going to share my screen.

So here is the conversion rate, optimization process.


You know, there’s what the goal of this process is fun, at least one way to improve your conversion rate and test it.

So it’s not the goal of this is just a test and find one way that you can make it easier for your customers to contact you.

And that’s the problem.

There’s really not a Strack.

This strict process here.

You just want to look and see how things can be better.

So I’m offering something Google offered a few years ago called Legion Playbook.

Which is a what it suggests you can do to make your conversion rate improve.

You can also use a system a screen capture system like hot jar.

They have a free plan to test how people are interacting with your website.

Look at your mobile site to see how well your mobile site does do sometimes when people build mobile sites.

They don’t think about conversion, but in reality, a lot of people are trying to convert off mobile.

If we make it hard for them a mobile, maybe one thing you can do to get more conversions is making your mobile site better.

Pagespeed is directly related to how well people are able to convert, that’s one of the advantages of fast website.

Trust factors to your site can make it.

Likely for someone to convert.

Privacy policy or terms of service can make it more likely for someone to want to convert.

Adding a phone number.

Sometimes people just want to get on the phone, but the point is with this process is once you’ve identified one place for improving, try it out.

You could use a tool like Google optimized to do a strict A/B test or you could do, we call Poor Man’s A/B Testing, which is try something and see if you get more or less after a month or so.

but I wouldn’t recommend skipping it because

to be honest, this is probably the first thing of value.

I do for most of my clients.

Because either their website isn’t designed for conversion.

And so, they don’t think about this, okay?

And if I go ahead to say, if I can do something to make it easier for people to convert, they might start getting conversions in the instantly, start making money, even before the SEO campaigns really work.


Set a conversion can be another goal.

I can set out with the convert within.

Google analytics is my conversion, which could be a free download or free audit or something like that.


And what I’m trying to suggest you do it.

This process is make it easier for people.

To do that.

Maybe it’s make it easier for them to find it.

Okay, make it more clear what they can do or what they’ll get out of it.

So do something and your site that you think will help you get more of the conversions that you’re tracking.


I have one client that.

They the first thing I did like day one.

On their agreement is we made their phone number bigger.

The phone number was really sudden, it’s subtle and hidden and you couldn’t see it and we just made it bigger and they started getting phone calls.

It was just that simple.


And that was.

I’ve called that conversion rate up and we made that the phone number bigger, I guess what they got.

More phone calls.

but these kinds of things, especially if we didn’t build our own website,

And we’re have a client’s website.

It’s a lot easier for see the why it’s hard to contact this website and I just want everyone to take a moment to stop and think about what they can do to make their website convert better.


That is a great question.

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