Why is no follow attribute important?

If you care about your website’s performance in search engines, then knowing when and when not to use nofollowed links isn’t just important—it’s crucial.

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One thing. Yeah. I have. The client that does a lot. we got how to work this. different. She’s got a program that they they sell products to High school, like parents. and part of it is fundraising for this school. And so that’s for me, I’m kinda like, okay. So your next thing you need to do is get in touch with these these goals and my and, you know, I don’t know how all of that works. but see how it works as far as getting a on some of their, their site So. that’s really interesting. I had a client. one time that did that that strategy mh. Got banned for Google. Oh, Okay. I to so good, maybe I won’t be telling that. what happened? to this is why before I recommend if I do late building in the in the game it says, read Google’s rules about link building. Yes. So One of the rules is. when links are built, money cannot change hands, Yeah. Okay. Yeah. So Yeah. I know that. It require. or even ask someone where money is changing hands i. through this fundraising Mh. Therefore, that link is violation. Yeah Okay. Yes. So there this on the scale of thousands of schools, Mh. and you also use the exact anchor text that they wanted to rank for in those links. he said no. But now. Said. A question is so, like, you know, I don’t know how how she keeps up with the you. So you know, for instance, if somebody says, you know, we we wanna put something on our page for them whatever we’re have a You heating olympics and is that something that you could should say, okay, fine. But put a no follow. Let me Okay. So so if he had done with no follow? you’ve been okay? Yes. Okay. the that because it’s it’s in effect an affiliate link. Yeah. Especially the way these somebody’s of systems work where. if you if people come to your website from another website, we track and attribute the sales person. That is just an affiliate link So that is where money transfer hands. Yes. It’s for profit, Yes, For school. we’re not trying to get to gain the Google algorithm. we’re just trying to make it easy for people program grandma buy up in the health school. But. That it money changing. Guess money yeah. Yeah. So Okay. Basically, what you’d have to do because also the people maintain these websites school. don’t know. I don’t know. And they don’t understand. so I have to give the entire h Html code, including the no follow in that link, Yeah. Sure that you are. buying by Google’s guidelines. Yes. So I guess, the one thing I would be concerned about is, like, you know, without her new and what if somebody says oh we’re gonna put this on our fight and they just it on there or that’s something you keep really control. Well, and remember what they did specifically, this one example, they used the exact anchor text. I think of was school fundraising in every. Yeah. And that’s who made Google say? Yeah. So why are there hundreds of thousands of lines of same word, and it happens been a keyword for which they want to get traffic. So I’m just i have hundreds of thousand with the exact thing. Okay. And so you could use your domain name Or your business saying provided that your business saying doesn’t happen to also be the keywords, Mh. Yeah. So that would be the shape way. but the safest way is to say, copy of this code and put it on your website, and includes a they’ll follow attribute in the link otherwise, you could get to real problem. Yeah. It. this is one of the circumstances where It could be a very well meaning person who didn’t mean to do it wrong could get your company in big trouble. Yeah. but then we have to explain intentions to an algorithm Algorithm doesn’t. take extensions into consideration. Yeah. All it does see there’s a hundred thousand lengths. They all go to the same page same make text. That’s a problem. Yeah. Boom, So That’s where you gotta be careful. Now, in this case, then it becomes well How heck are you gonna build any? Mh. Well, Remember, Google is asking her to use the no follow. The Google reserves the right to give you credit even though the middle. that was i to say, I think that even though there, they would be no follow. I still think that she should ask. for these you know, with, you know, as many that will do it, to do it with an invalid Yeah. I would I would almost make sure when you’re sending that information, enough not complicated the matter by telling them Be sure to add to no follow the what? Yeah. And here. Oh put this on your page and make sure an includes know follow in there. And in that way, it’s bring this stupid for some volunteer this five minutes tonight to go in there let’s do it. yeah give them the exact code. Yeah. Yeah. Because that that that’ll you’re bacon. Yes. somebody might take it out. Yeah. something like wrong, But at least you’re getting most of the case my comes out of time they’re just gonna pop it in, and usually, they’re probably not gonna. take it out because they’re not gonna understand how to take or why taking or how to they or or care. Yeah. Exactly. To look at the code, and The other side is Google is far better than used to be on determining does this? Google Google basically said, though father to sir, Hell Google has recently the last year, I should say, said, they feel that their link building algorithm is so good. they can just let it run and it will automatically detect which links it gives credit to it, which it doesn’t. Mh. So if they didn’t do this, Glucose algorithm might already be like, yeah, yeah. Now I gave it credit for any of these lines. Yeah. much

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