Why did Bing reject my listing?

One member of the Colony had a problem with Bing rejecting their listing. What was wrong? What could they do about it?

Even though people still use Google to find Bing, it’s an important part of your local listing strategy to place your business on Bing. However, this can be tricky- especially if you have a service-area business that goes to customers, rather than your customers coming to your business location. What can you do? We discuss a couple options that can help.


I got rejected on being York, did for the business part of the, I don’t know what I did wrong and I still cannot find out what I did wrong, but because I was just on there, it was weird. I don’t go on to being much, but I was on there this morning. Um, and so one thing is you have your Google, my business. Tell me on my business is your business. Doesn’t have your address showing you work from home. Is that correct, right? Okay. So you can go into being places, I think it is going and say that you want to sign up and grab your stuff from your Google, my business. I started do that but I thought it will wipe it away. It just it just pulls what you have from Google my business, but because your address isn’t showing you then To go in and get the postcard sent from being and verify it that way. Okay. Yeah, that’s why that is do I now. So I need to go back in there and sink it through. Google Google. Yeah, you would put you would say that you want to sink it and not like, I don’t know how many you have in that email for Google my business, but all of them will come in and the ones that have addresses will say, yes, these are good. And the ones that don’t, it’ll Say that you need to like finish the setup or something. And that’s because if

you don’t have your address showing on Google being has to verify it, then you can clear it but being has to verify okay? So yeah I just did that this morning he what? Now thank you for saying that that’s a huge help because I’m so Reliant upon yet. Just putting it out there for me automatically. It’s nice to hear how to do it manually. You’re like yet. No I don’t like it for a smaller businesses for franchises. I think it definitely has a use but got that most of them I have found that most of them I haven’t had any issues with any even those on the yets Network. That’s what gets tries to act like. Oh, this is the net yet next Network. So you can have to have jetzt that’s not the case. Good, good, good. Let’s work the system.

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