Which ecommerce platform is best: WooCommerce or Shopify?

What’s the best platform for an ecommerce website? It depends on how you’re using it.

For most small businesses, they consider whether or not to use WooCommerce or Shopify. Both have their place but I tend to recommend one over the other.


Do you recommend other things like Shopify? Or do you reckon what do you typically recommend for e-commerce? So I for for for a real, a shop with many many products. Shopify is a far better solution if you’re selling one or two little products that are very specific than. Maybe we’ll Commerce is a better solution than having an entire Shopify system to sell one or two products. It Shopify is just set up for e-commerce to do it. Right? Yeah. And you can now set up. Correct me if I’m wrong Shopify to work within a WordPress site. I’ve not messed with that, I’m not sure, I’m not one or the other. If a client, if a client has an e-commerce store, I would push them into a Shopify store. I, if, if they need a website that does not sell products asked, I would recommend a WordPress site but you if you’re primarily selling products, I would primarily go shop fight and then I do Use shopify’s blogging, capabilities, landing page capabilities, and all that with it. I wouldn’t want to manage to dispose of them. I was just asking, that’s not something I’m going to be. Yeah. Well because Shopify is a, is a is a SAS service. Yeah. Right. You don’t install it on your own server which has several advantages actually but you know obviously you’ve got to pay something for it every month. Oh yeah. Yeah, I like have the biggest thing I like about WordPress is being able to change hosting companies because I think Shopify. You can’t do that, right? You’re shopping. Everything are your Shopify and that’s it? Yeah. It’s a good host there. Yeah, you’re liable. Yeah. And Quality of what you get from shopify’s proportional to who you pay to do it. So if you’ve asked someone doesn’t know what they’re doing. I’ve had some real doozies Shopify developers before. Yeah. Yeah. You get what you pay for but he did a good job. If I develop I’m working with a good job. If I developer right now and I’m very impressed. Okay, well if I ever need one, I will ask you for money for girl. I had scour the universe, but this person. Oh, okay. This is hard to find a good. Person. Yeah, and it’s not done yet. So, okay, but so far so good. Yeah. If I ever need one, I’ll ask you, I have another question that it goes back to the goal Park, okay, when I set up my goal, I think the first time I said it up, it was with for how many people would sign up through my contact page. Yeah, that’s it. Thank you.

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