Where do you start with keyword research?

To know what people are looking for in the search engines, you need to do keyword research. But where should you begin?

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I have a question about keyword research. So I use my mom’s business as an example. It’s a perfect business. obviously, offers more services outside of that. But that’s her core service that’s the core category for Google and most things related to that business. me I’m little stepped up that kinda hard to talk. how do you prioritize, like, where you start with the keyword research? when there’s so many places to dive in like that. do you see under uncovered the, I guess, best opportunity. Yeah. So I I because of that i broke keyword research into the two different processes. One is the overview keyword research. And one is that when you’re on a particular page cambridge research. Okay. Not to revisit test. So the overview keyword research is literally just sitting down with every possible way, someone could maybe look for something your business offering Right. And just to the huge big spreadsheet, Yeah. and if part of that process, you kinda break it down and break it down and break it down. And then you say, okay, I need this page. or i’ve already got this page that you should have this focus. And depending on the business Some businesses are gonna have almost an infinite number of pages in your constantly bill new and new pages. some are good in kinda hit it wall. Right? Especially when we consider that, when it comes to keywords, We’re talking topics networks words. Right? So if we we don’t wanna build two pages if they’re the same topic even if it’s a different way of saying same thing. mh. So that would help So that’s merch start. The first step brainstorm just huge break up of everything you can think of Right. We reading that in by modifying it with things like geography or kinds of things. Right? So like, maybe for me it would be a firmer agency or consultancy. All three with different ways describing all the different services seo email paid search social that I provide, but I want to modify it with agency consultancy services company, right. Those modify. and then owner modify by geography Even if I can serve, literally anywhere in the world, I wanna go for that low hanging fruit of local to me. So once you got all all this big, it’s gonna expand good use the data Pardon me. Use the data to come near because you know, we can think, especially those of us who know our business really well. we can think of all kinds of ways some the search for us. But that doesn’t meet anybody else thinks And if we can use the data, to tell us more people look for this than demand We can then begin the process of speaking our customers language talking to them and ways they Think. So that’s breaking it down. And then once you kind of have it all of the data shows you what people are looking for, then you can say, okay. So this group keywords is about this topic That’s going in this page. In this group a keywords that topic is going with that. page. I need to break at this stage and need write that page. That’s that’s the overview process. And that is very time and consuming. But at the same time, can’t let perfection in the enemy progress either. Right. That’s where Seo could get really, really confusing because you know, I I have clients that wake up every morning to be like, one about this keyword. Right. Well, And what about this keywords. And and today, I’m gonna google this keyword because I thought about this, this might be another one. So There’s never an end. You just gotta get to the point we’re like, okay, this is good start. This is a good start. is it pretty comprehensive. Now I didn’t recommend reviewing keyword rates almost every six months. Just do another big one. based on what you’ve learned, over the last six months because when you do it now, six months from now, you’re gonna know a lot more about it. about your business about Seo, it’s gonna change the way you do it. or like, industries change. Like, I remember doing keyword research, for a company of plan was doing something about cloud services. I’ve never heard of cloud services i I tried to keep her research On like, yeah. There’s there’s no data. a year later, I read something about cloud service i’m, like, And then we pull the same keywords where it’s told data and like, Suddenly a bunch of data for Keyword had I a year ago that was the right decision. the market wasn’t like ready for it. year later Now, everybody’s talking about cloud service and so now, I need to start. thinking about that as a strategy. Right? Yeah. Bye. So anyway, those those are my tips for you. do a big thing, but don’t think you have to be comprehensive because you will return to it later. Yeah. And it’ll be okay. It’s better to. get start then s two, play. What about this keyword game and never finish? Yeah. Yeah. to get through this whole game plan. It’s like allocate the time spend the time getting through it. And markets essentially have ways of doing that how you can filter last on and, you know, when you need to review it and priority of it. That’s that’s great. Okay. Look good. I hope it’s helpful.

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