When you should NOT charge a client?

Pricing can be difficult sometimes when you provide online services especially when they are Seo related. But sometimes you should not charge for every service and this is why.

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So So one of the ones I just set up was the website that I did. as a part of set, I’ve set all this up and and it was easy because I had access to everything. Another is a client I’m working on Google My goodness four. and this was one that they had. google analytics, but no one can find access to it. the website is not very old. So, therefore, setting up a new one we’re we’re leaving data but we’re not losing a lot of data So I reset it up. But when I did that, when connecting site kit, it wanted to, you know, connection to google search console to to confirm and doing all this setup, so basically, I had to go in and and do the whole set google analytics, Google Tag manager or Google search console and site kits. and I guess. I thinking in like, you know, this is one that I didn’t really realize that i coming back into it thinking that just had it now i accepted it. But I’m thinking I need to do more checking booked workings hands in, like, add an additional charge if I have to do all this additional work. M Yeah. Hello? maybe when I I struggle with analytics charged because claims, sometimes a lot wood that. Right? But it’s no practice It’s not to move that don’t against my fees. Mh. That way, they’re not. They don’t get opt out. Yeah. the way I just thought is because it really isn’t my interest. Yeah. Well, yeah. that. And then I can come back to them and say, when they say well, you know, I his new website, and you say well, you know, you need to. You need a bigger better website, know what comes to my side anyway you can say well, that’s not true. Do. Yeah. or you can send them a monthly report and show them what they’re getting, so they could asked the question. How do I get more? right now value of setting a code that’s all benefits not only client because now that client understand the the value of their website, Yeah. It’s not just a brochure. Yeah. And that the are business from it, also benefits me as a service provider because allows me to upsell. Yeah. Yeah. So I would just build it in and not let people opt down. Yeah. I I guess the the main thing is do that, like, For the most part, I I it’s just getting. I haven’t had a call in a long time where I’ve had to set the whole thing up from scratch. So and and and part of it was getting access to, you know, the, you know, because typically, like, when I’m doing Google my business, Don’t need access to the website. Google analytics and and get access to that. So it’s like I could get access to the web i then i to get to, you know, the. I did installed google search console, so I have Dns access stuff and it it was. a. It was not a short process Yeah. U. this kind just goes to generally. service, you know, setting prices. Yeah. And and that says, sometimes just going to be outliers it take a lot more time. But most part most clients are gonna be really quick. Sometimes client’s paying for the clients to take a long time. That’s true. In just making sure you are not lean in your charges? Yeah. that when there is someone it does demand a lot more time here lose. Let not me as profitable just so profitable. Yeah. Right. That’s that’s the challenge. And frankly, sometimes those clients know they’re are pain And so you can kinda say, This is taking a little longer than tonight thought. Well, missed one I kinda out that that I’ve been working with is is I I don’t blame the client for it that it should have been done. Well, and you can also make maybe in this case, you can justify the text for time because it’s almost business development for you. because the more value they see they’re getting out of their website Yeah. So it may be is worth not being charged because big not being paid for the time because by giving them this data you are showing that how valuable you are and you’re trying to convince them to build the bigger web next time or to double down or increase the engagement because they were. They’re getting a lot. We just want more how do they get more tricia U. exactly. But now it’s development and you see an extra hour, to get a client to spend more with you. Yeah. Think Sorry To interrupt. Can I add have something about Yeah I see a if sort of investment. So it’s like you’re investment in your effort. for something that’s gonna come in the future. which is a use chain with them and getting much more. rather than than they would just the annoyed and leave you a new nuclear. Yeah. And attention. right? Keep a client and get a new one. Yeah. It is. And that’s one thing too that I actually first took on my business when I do the management Kind of. look at it that way anyway, because I. My first month that I I do my services for Google my business Management is my most labor intensive for me, but I don’t charge them more for it. I have it and thing. And, you know, because Like, Don’t like having like a big. set up fee. And so I like to to just kind of to have it the same every month And that’s kind of, you know, kind of with that as far as how they probably they do that. So. Right. Yeah. Mkay. Yeah. I I don’t i don’t I’m not an expert in pricing by any means, but I know enough to to make sure that I well, I know enough to say that what we do takes time In the time that we provide is worth money to our clients because we’re putting the time into the things that matter for them. Yeah. And so you know, I don’t apologize for charging. Yeah. yeah And I know you don’t either. Right? I know you you don’t apologize charging and that’s. I think a lot of people who provide services go wrong in their. I don’t wanna charge for that Yeah. Really, you should charge for this. Yeah. Yeah.

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