When Writing a Blog Post, is it Better to Write a Title that Asks a Question?

Your website is up and running and it’s time to come up with blog post titles. But you’re wondering whether you should frame your blog post title in the form of a question. Let’s find out what is best for SEO.

Automated Transcript:

Lavanya, you had a question as well. And I specifically asked you to ask the question. Yeah, then writing when you getting ready to set up your blog post title. I was asking, should you use like the 5 reasons you should do something or should you make it a statement or a question? Which one was the best way to do it? I think that’s a super question for when you’re thinking about blog posts because depending on your major marketing channel will give you a different answer. So if you’re primarily writing articles for social media, you really really need a catchy cute and engaging and clickbait title. So that’s where the things. Like five things. You should do to blah blah. Blah are really good titles because they’re click Beatty, but it’s not as good of an SEO title because when people go to search engines, they ask a question. How do I do X? Why should I do, why? And so if you title the same article, how you can do this? Then that’s a better search engine blog post that it is a social media blog post. So since we’re primarily focusing on SEO, I tend to write my blog posts to be questions of the blog post than answers this. Ends up being really good for people being able to find the article in search. But then when you share it on social the title, isn’t as great as it could because it’s not click worthy. It’s not tantalizing. It’s just like, okay? And so if you don’t have that question, you might not click on it and Facebook. So if you phrase, it five things you must do well, holy crap. I better do those that gets the click on Facebook. So I find, when I work with New Riders, I always kind of Coach them with us because a lot of them are used to running for social media and they’ll come up with a cute catchy creative title, but it doesn’t describe what the question this time article answers, which is the why you would bother to read it in for search. That’s what we want. So that’s how I would distinguish which of those two is better based on the marketing channel you’re using. Does that answer the question? Yes, thank you. Okay. Thank you for asking. You’re welcome. All right.

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