When should you give up on your website and create a new one?

Sometimes people have old and outdated websites. They might need a lot of work to get it back running. Even then, it’s not guaranteed that It will be successful. Maybe you should start thinking about starting over and create a new website.

Automated transcript:

The way I understood the question was, you got a new client you’re happy to take on a new client, but their website is just Yeah. ten years out of date. Yes. And the the first you know, I had a call with them and it was. but I talked to him, I was like, well, the first thing is your website needs to be done. And it said, oh, well, I could probably get to the login and you can do some update. I said no. the whole it used in overhaul. And so the other part is is like explaining to them you know, I can look at it and just feel like this isn’t gonna work. but I need to better explain it. I think, to them, because I mean, it’s like was built in two thousand eleven It looks like you built in two thousand. I need an. it’s is that you know. And so if I had work on them with Google my business, they’re just not gonna see the results and if they had it, you know, is send to the website. What’s this? I don’t even to take a mobile friendly. So I think that’s kinda where I I tenant. Yeah, Michael, of course, you need a website, but they don’t think that you know, So I think that’s kind of where. Yeah. I I I have a philosophy to all my search clients that I don’t build that size and I will work as long as I possibly can with your website But. most clients will have to update their website sometime along the Seo Yeah. Sometimes, we wanna put that up as long as we can. Right? because once i’m investing at a good site, I don’t want them too quick. Yeah. And so I have one client right now. and their speed terrible, website not built for conversion. Mh. we We they started looking at prices for websites and they got really scared And So we compromised and we moved it to better hosts. Mh. didn’t help. Mh. So now we don’t have the conversation. Okay. You know? Not any faster. and it’s not really set to to convert And it looks bad. and is affecting our credibility But But and I was having years worth of data with them. Mh. And I can it in terms of data and I can say, Look at all the leads you got. over the last year If one of those leads became a customer you pay for new website. Mh. guaranteed more than one did. Yeah. why are you worried about spending money on a website. we would get more if your website was built for conversion, faster. There’s a huge mobile friendly. But. you know, not. And so I. That’s what I do. but I also put it through data and then Tell them. we need to start thinking about this. give him a ramp up and say, six months to a year. Yeah. And and where six months from when we made this transition pretty soon, Now I could bring it up again say, didn’t really help Yeah. But Tim, how do you handle these questions? Oh, it’s it’s tough depending on her you’re talking to in new values do and that know little that little about what we do. It’s tends to be harder to explain. Right? And it’s like, buy in a house that needs a lot of work. and you’re telling them that you need to tear it down and start over. Right. And so a lot of times people think about websites in that context that We can just get some login credentials and go in and move our magic wand then while it works and it’s beautiful and updated and fun and friendly. And sometimes even sites can be mobile friendly, but not experience friendly. So they need to think about. not just having the website to have a website. are they going to you know, if they have the storefront front, are they going to just have a really crappy looking store front that has monsters all or the outside and doesn’t look in biting, you know, like that’s off and that has a door that doesn’t work and calls on people when they go ahead. you know, if they have uniforms or they wearing torn up clothing then you know, stinky clothing that doesn’t get lost. Right? So I try to paint this visual picture for them and make it relative other parts of their business because their website just a piece of their business. it’s a piece of there brand messaging and their overall brand experience. you know, and and, a lot of people just. tend to just think that it’s okay to just have anything up there or people that just you, might be starting out that or they might be five years and and they created the Squarespace case website ted kinda works, but it’s really slow and it’s really bad experience. can’t find the phone number and the the menu doesn’t load. That this was me this morning. having call the place instead of doing their online get or yeah Yeah. Booking or checkout out whatever. Yeah. So I’m getting long winded, but you know, it’s it’s a hard thing to tackle. But, I I struggle with it very much because I’m often working with very small business centers owner operators. solar entrepreneurs, and it’s harder to paint that picture. So. I always talked about before their for me as a website builder, I’m talking about before, we’re putting tons of money into the website let’s build the foundation properly first. You know, and and that goes. know, kind of along the same lines of, like, Okay. Well, if your home page says home as a piece title. Let’s start there. you know, and and let’s build to website properly, but let’s start from scratch and and do everything with the reason you know, start with keyword research. make sure we’re doing everything properly, we’re not gonna build a house on the cracked foundation. So let’s fix the foundation first, and let’s go from there. I think that that could be congruent with the Seo plan and along the lines of starting with the Seo plan to identify all of them. things that need to be fixed and what needs to make that next website work. properly. that’s funny but you use that, I think that terminology is good. fixing the foundation first because it’s a home remodeling company. seven. I think that’s a good analogy you. Right. And one job will pay for an new website. numbers company. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I just. Yeah. So. Yeah. You paint limit With tim. I I love that a said it’s the store with the Yankee window employees who stink and have torn clothing. Right. That’s the same thing. You’re welcome to our website. it’s ugly. You can’t address us. We don’t care about our personal appearance. Yeah. And and that’s why i I think. That’s why it’s still early in the Process for curious chance to set up monthly ports that could sent to your clients. what? the clients is quickly as possibly to be thinking about results, Yeah. And if I can get that point in front of them, sooner and faster and expect I want them to see is not just something their you have to have a website. I don’t want I’m to think that. I wanna see what their website accomplish. mh And I kinda wanted to see. how few leads they are getting from their website? Yeah. So then I can say one wait. nobody contacted me from my website. or will only want be really it’s better one person nuts. so you can say Yeah. You got one person. really? Can we get more? Yes. Yeah. If it’s zero and they’re like Ci i told you know and no one wants to do this and then you have a harder conversation. Well, maybe it’s because you have a credit website. No. Nobody, wants to Yeah, that’s That’s what. One loans is better. Yeah. Yeah.

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