What’s the difference between citations and link building?

While doing Seo understanding the difference between citations and link building is very important, but which one is better and which one should you focus on?


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And know what you say link building, do you mean, like you start off saying that, basically what I call by patients, and then the next phase would be additional thing, you know, like local stuff getting in getting other So so citations are one thing, but most citations don’t count for link credit. Okay. Cool. links are no followed. Therefore, the don’t count. Yeah. there’s a lot of value known the citations. Yeah. sometimes we’ll use those synonymous link as a expectation just for simplicity sake, but you can’t just rely on citation is your building strategy? you need to do at this point we try to outline in the game plan, Like the easiest way is. brand link building, Mh. Right? Where you’re going and seeing who’s talking about you. And this is where youth loves doing this. He loves go sides and saying, hey, Talk about us why not link to us. mh. yeah Yes. But then you can do the same thing with your competitors and say, hey, you’re talking about my better plug with they talk about me. Yeah. Yeah. And and then you can do things like, hey, Euro, You have a blog, You’d be interested in some articles. What if we roll for you, And then you can do things like really fancy stuff, like skyscraper or rep broken back, that’s a whole Yeah. Yes. More. But the just the basic link building to see that following the brains of building process. talking and about you, but not until you get them that is like, easy, Yeah. They’re already talking about you. you’re not trying to create more people talking about. That’s hard. Yeah. if someone. But been again know what’s talking about you. Maybe that’s your problem. And then yeah. You need following ways, to people to talk about your business. Yeah. And while you’re there, make sure they link to. exactly with that? But does guy. That settling building. piece that a lot of people stop the process after a content. Mh. I don’t keep it going to the link. I remember linkedin links is what makes Google as an algorithm different. from other The old went near alter to this before I used to Google, they would just basically use the content on the page to rate website that’s stupid. Mh. Well they should make the website ring because how many other people say that lifts it’s credible and links the way to do that. That’s such a fundamental part of how Google works, you can’t neglect it. Yeah. you doesn’t mean you go span people. It doesn’t mean pay people to build links for you for you. But it does mean you need to have other websites linked to you. Otherwise, Who says you’re credible? Yeah. Yeah. Mkay. in there’s. I mean, there’s all kinds of ways to do it. It’s. hard Mh it’s frustrating. You had to be used to rejection. because most people are just say no, No. Go away. Leave me a alone. Hey. I’m just trying to help you out. you can you. But people don’t trust you. Yeah. So it it’s it’s where we we have a goal set for each of our clients that we would build so many links for each client a month if I told you how few those numbers were, you’d be like Wow. because I we’re not trying to build a lot of links because of a one. That’s how you get trouble, it’s Google. Yeah. too you don’t really need a lot of it just need some good words. and we’d rather take quality links. So quality ever like we talk about everything. they have one good link. What was one we found recently without mentioning client needs? mh Oh, like one of my clients is in a alumni. of the Boys and girls club of a major metropolitan city Mh. And so he said, Hi. Boys Girls Club of major metropolitan city, You have a bio of. One of the owners of this company, How about you link to us? This guy gives us a lot of money every year. yes. I back they like, it’s it’s, you know, great. So now people boys and Girls Club can see what this guy does. Mh. See. Wow. he’s come a long way. That’s really. That’s amazing. He’s came in from a you, die attending the voice and girls club this city, two don’t millions to it? wow, what a wonderful story By the way, there’s a link to his website now. Yeah. So, like, that’s that’s a great like We’ll take those bit. Yeah whatever. He also had to have something noteworthy. to do it Mh. I have never given millions of dollars to each charity. Yeah. I like to think of myself as a fairly generous guy that I’m don’t have millions to get. Yeah. No fine enough. Thank you. So. Yeah. Okay. But yeah, that. That that the. If if that person came to me lies my website not showing epic Google. those the three things is check robots first, check file. Redirect second, Are there any links site? Yeah? Okay. Mike. And not just. You, citations are great. been a place to start. So maybe that’s the the next thing is do citations. Yeah. Just. Because if you follow the the key plan the curious game plan, I get the local listings citations first. Mh. Before i start to do, I call it under link building this stuff. Mh. Yeah. Yeah. Okay.

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