What’s the Best Way to Utilize ChatGPT for SEO?

ChatGPT is the future of search engines. What’s the best way to use it effectively?

Video Transcript:

Dave: I asked it to modify the WooCommerce error message. So, it gave me code to this and gave me a filter because I said, write a filter. Here’s a filter you can use. And then I said, I wanted this one. So, it gave me filters. Right? And then I can say, well, I can do something like that. I’ll be nice. Please tell me what the function str_replace does.

David: Wow.

Dave: Yeah. See what I mean? It’s like a freaking game-changer. And I’m already thinking about ways to use this in my business to advise clients. My brain is just kind of blown by this. And the reason is that my first reaction about all this stuff in the past was, oh my God, replacing people and all this kind of stuff. But then, once I tried it, I was thinking and listening to somebody else talk. This is not going away. It’s only going to get better and better and better. So, we better be in the mode of how we morph our business to use it right versus denying it and never using it.

David: Yeah. I read an article in Wired magazine a few weeks ago, and it was about AI and pictures. But a lot of the same lessons were true. Let me see if I can find the post. They had a funny little thing in it that was…

Dave: I was talking to Daphne on my team about that. And she says there are currently some lawsuits going on from Getty images.

David: Right, right. I found this. This is their summary of what they call the tech panic cycle. There are seven phases, the article says. Number one, don’t bother me with this nonsense. It’ll never work. Right. Then stage two is okay, it’s happening. But it’s dangerous because it doesn’t work well.

Dave: Yeah.

David: Then step three is wait a second, it works too well. We need to hobble it. Then, the next stage is this stuff is so powerful that it’s not fair to those without access to it.

Dave: Yeah.

David: Then step five is now it’s everywhere, and there’s no way to escape it. That’s not fair.

Dave: Yeah.

David: Then step six is I’m going to give it up for a month. And step seven is let’s focus on real problems, which is the current thing.

Dave: That’s funny.

David: I thought that was a pretty good summary. This article convinced me not to be afraid of ChatGPT either because that’s just kind of what we do with every change. You will see down on the whiteboard down here. This is… Don’t look too closely. This says Post ChatGPT SEO Strategy.

Dave: Yes.

David: Right. This is, What will I do if the ten blue links go away? We’re talking about the search results. Right? What if Bing and Google just answer your question and don’t give ten results in response to that? What is there left to do to market a business? I don’t know if the ten blue links are going to go away. And it’s not ten blue links because now it’s an infinite scroll. But you know, I don’t know. And I’m curious to see how it’s going to roll out. For instance, if it’s a little bit more code is one thing. But what if it’s something like a medical question?

Dave: Well, I already asked this, David.  

David: Well, what I want to know is the source. Where is it getting it? Because that’s the thing, it’s not really AI. It’s really machine learning.

Dave: Yes.

David: It’s getting it from somewhere.

Dave: Yeah. Yeah. The only AI part of it is training it to answer in human-readable form and English and that kind of stuff. Can it interpret the question and…?

David: Right. So, let’s say one of my clients we’ve spent years building this massive library of answers to questions. And I’ve caught other websites using AI to generate content on their websites that quote our content. And even mention our brand name in the content. And the editors of the website didn’t edit it out. What do we do with that?

Dave: Yeah. So, for me, some of that… So, you talk about medical advice as one of the things, and we’re getting away from SEO in certain ways. But for medical advice, it gives me a starting point. It’s like, I hear this, and I can go ask the expert if this is true or not. Like somebody that I trust.

David: Right, right. I did a video a long time ago when Amazon Echoes were starting off, and it was a similar kind of thing. I asked, who do I need to hire to help me with my business taxes? And Amazon said you need to hire a professional tax something. And then the next question I asked Echo was, is there one near me? I didn’t say, is there a professional tax something? I just said, is there one near me? And it read off five near me. I could see this going in the same way. Right starting with, you know, hey, I have a white spot on my skin. Should I be concerned? And then it kind of gives you some answers. And you can maybe troubleshoot that yourself. And then, you know, what kind of doctor should I call about this? You need to speak to a dermatologist. And are there any dermatologists near me? Yeah, there are five. Here are their phone numbers. You know, I wonder. But I’m glad to hear that you’re using it this way and not using it to shortcut Google, right? Because I think that’s where a lot of people go with this. And they’ll use this to write articles and put it on the website and stuff like that. That’s not the future of this tool. That’s approaching SEO as we’re going to trick Google, and that’s not SEO, right? That’s tricking Google. And we might be able to get away with AI-generated content on our websites for now, but I’m not convinced we will always be able to get away with it. Because again, if it’s getting it from somewhere, it might be getting it from websites, and they don’t want to get AI answers from AI-generated content, or it just becomes this recursive loop of reinforcing bad ideas. And so, that’s stupid SEO for ChatGPT. SEO for ChatGPT is stuff like hey, can you write me some local business schema based on this business? And format it as JSON, please. You know that’s a great use for it, right?

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