What services should you outsource as an SEO?

While doing SEO, you might not be good at everything or not have the time. Maybe you should outsource some tasks so you can focus on other things.

Automated transcript:

if you were to work with client on a new website they didn’t have. any content written Is are there any certain strategies or processes that used to right at that content that you want to be as optimized as possible out of the gate. Yeah. first of all, I would be pretty consistent to not make the project depend upon the client right No yeah. the clients will never get to it. I’m not. In our example is exactly right, Right we’ll ever get to our own content. If I would just build in to budget and and makes they sure they understand. I know you think you can save money and do that. you’re never gonna get to it. and then we’ve never gonna launch. And you’re never gonna see the benefits. So rather than do it Let’s at lose get a writer to put five hundred words on the page. Like, thanks bare bare minimum. Yep. So I would make sure that they understood that full their own good they need to hire one to or build it into the price of the project Yep. But I’ve. You know, I bye Over the years, I’ve worked with a lot of clients that frankly are really difficult underwriting. Like I got a law firm, A quarter’s job is to say no. No. No. No. You can’t do this can’t do that. You can’t say that you can’t that. So writing content for lawyers yours or just work. Who’s terrible. If they just won’t prove anything, So we had to developed strategies to get content. So one of the biggest strategies we do is I will give on the phone. an interview the lawyer. about a topic a one fifteen million of year. I can give to almost an infinite number of different riders and say, come up with two or three articles from this fifteen minute And each rider will see something different than that interview Where where I get on behalf of whoever they’re anything. And then frankly, if that lawyer, it says I don’t like this is wrong you can say, but this is exactly what you said. Right? It. This is the thing of what you said. Right And so that helps people are a lot easier find to talk about their. They’re are subject they are right about it. Yeah. Right. So you could you could do that. There’s a transcription service. I like speech pad that really really makes an easy because you can you call speech that call you that can have you with them. record your call, and then you pay to transcribe it if you want them to. It. and the transcriptions are pretty good. not very expensive And usually, they turn them around faster than they say. So then I’ve got a transcript. And at the worst, I could just it’s transcript and published it as review. At the worst, Right? But if I really want something do. I will give it to a writer. and say, hey, Here’s something that someone said, I’m sure there’s two or three topics is they’re to write them out for me. Now. We’ve got some good content. I do this with a Another client that’s got almost the offset problem. like, they can barely explain what they do. There knows the does. this company builds things that people don’t even know exist except for the people looking for it. It’s really hard for them to explain to us what they do. Slow loan Yeah. It’s just so hard. So what we have to do with them is do the interview process where we call them and say, okay. Talk about Whatever the heck of this is because I don’t understand it draw. And they could just blah blah blah why about it. Great. Now I’ve got it written down And at least we can look at it wrap playing around it Yep. And then write it. Right. I just talked to another writer today. She gave me this really great idea. which was You can right out to questions for a client. you know? we use, like one of the keyword process involved is use a world a tool like t dot i know and come up questions that people are asking about your subject. You know, how much should I pay for a development? How do you hire a good goodwill developer? what you look for in a good website These are questions people wanna know. So she will send a list of questions to somebody And just say, hey, on your iphone, like, send me a voice that answers these questions and she doesn’t even have to have it transcribed, she just takes the voice memo and know she’s So the person do interview on their convenience You know have to fund a common time on the calendar when they’re available. They could do it eleven five nine double care. As long as it sent it to you. Now I’ve got recording of them. And it’s so much easier for them talk about. what they do that is for them Yes. So I I like that strategy as well. because I I think most people own the business really love what they do and they know what talking about they just not might not be a good writer. because it’s really a different skill set. and we’ve been talking about what they love or what they do. or you know, like, in your in your in your mom’s case, you know, stories about situations, where it’s like, oh we had a client and many didn’t think this would happen. but we are able to solve the problem, and you could make it anonymous. not talk about, you know, the particular details so the client’s not embarrassed. even though stories can make really interesting one posts that are really unique and helpful. someone else may had a similar problem. like getting those recordings, getting people on the phone is a really great way to unlock some content ideas. especially if it’s highly regular or very very special that it’s hard for a near mortal to understand what the heck is of that Yeah. mh. Yeah.

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