What is the relationship between StoryBrand and SEO?

StoryBrand helps companies understand what customers are looking for to tell their stories, so people listen. But how can you balance between that and SEO?

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And So as David yesterday during our c working session. as something came up, as I’m writing in content for my website for pages specifically about my services. I’m thinking Seo, I’m trying to have an Seo strategy in mind But I’m also trying to write a story. Right? I’m trying to develop my story brand and have that mentality And so thinking of like the hero message versus the h one tag, and trying to organize the flow of the content and what strategy I should take there because we’re obviously writing for the user but we’re also trying to solve the question of the search. Right? So I’ve noticed on some sites when I’m doing inspections, you know, I get curious and i inspect the site and that hero message is just some paragraph type and then we scroll down and it’s like, website design, Maryland. in the h one tag below that. And then it’s more strategic you know, search wise. But you know, as you’re trying to write with sprint story in mind, for trying to make sure that it doesn’t seem like it’s written for search too. So that’s kind of my question. How do I format by pages and developed the brand story at the same time. Yeah. Alright. So didn’t know how much Time really like story brand concept. And Hi. I’ve rolled it out to all my clients this point. And they really bought it to the idea I don’t consider this driver expert by any stretch, but I feel that I know enough to to really like it, And When I took the story brand, seminar they did make a claim that I thought was a little disappointing which was, when do you do this store brand? saying you have Seo page And i’m like. I really like Story brands as a concept but I do not believe that at all. mh. and because one of the elements of story. So let’s do a really quick thousand, but maybe Tim, you can help me with ten thousand foot overview assortments. This is the way I like to tell it your customer is someone with a problem. they are in their online part of the story. And this story starts with have a conflict a problem And hopefully ends the happy ending of the resolution of that problem. When we we had a service, or product that can help customer get from their problem to their solution. Unfortunately, a lot of companies will phrase their solution as We are the hero of your story. we can solve your problem for you. However, almost every good. Good story in Western literature. The hero, You? you don’t want need to hear the story that heroes the one this trips formed. into solution. You wanna be the guide. And so that sells your product your service better because hey, you are the hero of your story. potential customer. I am gonna guide you to the six fast at the end of your story. because I am such a huge star wars fan, even though It’s just saying star like I got my life right here. so mh when we meet Luke skywalker, he’s got a problem. He is stuck in a dead end world As a moisture farmer is we’ll let him go doing anything fine was other friends are out saving the universe. He’s got a problem. he wants to become, you know, a certified and fight you know, for the good guys, they can’t. He meets a guide. one the guide the ways of force So eventually, spoiler alert, Luke Skywalker destroys the star and he the hero out. I didn’t know that happened. I said spoiler so I can say whatever I want to. So That’s a much better story than Look Skywalker Has a problem. Although comes in. takes him off in saves the day. Right. because in that case, looks guy just a swap and someone’s self problem for him and luke Got no longer interesting. But the story brand concept really kind of con in on the fact that our customers heroes in their own mind of their own story. Middle steal that from We want them to become the victor successful at the end, we just wanna guide them towards it. And that’s what the whole story brand concept is. Would you add anything to that, Tim? No. I think that’s great. And. Yeah. Star wars is a perfect example. Yeah. You can find it in in anything. you know, from a children’s animation to yeah. So many new fees all about. One are the rings? Yeah. Right? Dan also doesn’t the save a day. Photo does. The guide. Yeah. Right? And that’s makes a story better. So with when we write our pages in light of this framework, We we should have the core concept of what is the thing that we have that could help the the hero get to the success of the end of their story. And that’s where See codes in the play. They’re looking for something. That something will help them Get from problem to solution, That’s where the kind of a keyword word comes in. To Seo. thank But if you use the store of framework, you’re not going to talk about that very much. you’re gonna talk about the problems that the person’s facing what they aspire to And and how they will be freed from their problems avoid the void the difficulties in end up the success and that’s where star sales when it comes to Seo. So if you use only the computer or story brand framework, probably not been talk about the thing that you offer. Right. and that’s where Str falls short. So we have if we’re doing search, We have to be very explicit in what it is we have to offer. we offer blue widgets. Blue budgets. will hope you get to a problem of whatever It build up issue where your machine doesn’t work properly and your boss has breathing down your neck. You buy a blue wedge and now, you’re the hero of the company because you save today kept the production on schedule. Since you’ve only mentioned blue ridge. Very specifically, you spend a lot of time talking about the other stuff. So U. we have to find a way to include what it is that is solution to get the customer to the their solution, Right? The solution is it. Keep pull provide the widget the solution with the blue widget you will find the solution. Right? So there’s a couple ways. I like to have the crappy balance. Number one, I’ve done the key of research they know what the freeze is, the potential customers are looking for. Right? So I’ve done to a research. I know. customers are looking for blue widget. or with development or web development maryland. Right? Right? Or learn how to learn Seo. for curious hands. Right? So Alright. First of all, I just need find ways to include that in the text while i’m writing it. I know I don’t wanna make it sent to story. And I know I want to make them the sooner the story, but I got a fun ways to explicitly stated it because Google doesn’t catch drift very well. Right. Now What I’ve done, on really important pages. is I will break the story brand model and I will add some questions and answers about the thing that I have to offer at the bottom of the page. And so we We then have an opportunity to include more of the keywords because we’re talking about it explicitly And In that way, we can still focus people on you can become the hero of your story while mentioning it and then bottom of the page, we’re talking a a little bit more depth. That’s one trick I’ve used. But. overall big picture, You. And and curious ants the how to optimize a page for Process, is really a big Us. And in the thing it’s really a biggest for reason It’s because like, Sometimes we sync optimizing a page. And sometimes we assess on my gosh like keywords not late one we on alt tags are we obsessed on keyword density And that’s not where Google is these days. Google mid you to explicitly talk about what it is you have to offer. Right. We can’t offer web. design if we don’t talk about what say. Right? But be a very weird witness to our website if you didn’t know talk about web development. Right. Maybe it would. May be weird page decisions I want press. because Google is looking at a page and saying, okay, It says when designed seventeen times it doesn’t mention more presence kind of weird. Mh Right? And so you kinda have to when. This is called natural language processing with the idea that you need to include these per ideas. on a page in that is hard to do there our tools, you can use to help you identify with these national language processing words are. But What I do is I just want to make sure I have significant amount of content on my page. to allow me to just charlie talk about what it is I have to offer. Inevitably, I will mention workers wordpress. And you know. So it’s it’s almost like, you can over think optimizing a page And we wanna avoid that and just talk about what we had to offer A nice story brand works really well with Seo. Because it gets us away from just saying the same word five fifteen million times on the page thinking that helping to shrink better, you have to mention it explicitly, but at in time when comes to your web design page or blue widget page, or learn Seo page. You have to have something that distinguishes you all the other web pages on the internet it says, offer the same thing, And as story break can help. because it says, oh, There’s not a little bit different about this web design or blue widget four an Seo tool. others that are out there and I could really empathize with this solution to my problems because they get my problem. And now you’re just not another commodity out there. You have positioned yourself Thanks to story Brand framework in a totally different way And now, it’s like, you’re not even really competing with them anymore. Because There’s another web design firm out there. And all they’re talking about great their web design is how pretty and But Tim really gets my problem. And he understands it wants to see me succeed and they’ll learn that from your page. And even if someone rings you, You’re more likely to get the customer. because you’re different than that other website for it just showcases out pretty all stuff. and talks about themselves. Right? And that’s something that you can’t measure by Seo. it’s kinda like one of the things if my old agency last agency to see work at In the intake process, we’d often ask people what’s different about what you have to your competitors. And must people had no idea. Yeah. And and so all they could do is compete with everybody else who are for the same thing. So that what that ended up doing for them is just drive the price down us that’s the way they could be cheaper. No. Right. Yeah. You could say you better, but who says they’re not better. Like, no. I’m not better than yeah. You really just or who believes you when you say you’re better. We’re better there else. Oh, yeah. Everybody says. So to find what’s is about what you have to offer by using a framework like toy brand, built will help you. and at same time we just want explicitly stay what we have to offer. have room outside story brand framework to talk about what we have and you will find yourself at seo yourself into some success. Yeah. That’s great. That’s a big answer though. is it like you felt like no, I don’t think that was at all. Got and leads five answers out of that. Okay. I wrote down. Let me let me try something here real quick. I’m going to. Hold on. Yeah. You yes myself is an example, and you can totally tear this one up. And you can say, yeah, this does not resonate with me at all. where say. Okay. Hold on. have mouse troubles today. Okay. Okay. Share screen. I find little cat hairs in my in my lasers. I think minor are like Cracker chrome. Okay. So I hear curious hands page. I used destroy framework work to kind of create a message Okay So This is kind of the big promise. more from your website by learning Seo. Okay. There’s my keyword. You’ll notice my title tag started for keyword learn s versus learning seo you. This is It’s the same thing. Google knows that. I like to speak to learn the Seo seventeen times. I can say learning it’s Google smart enough to know. it means. Right? Let me teach you how to do our engine optimization. Okay. Great. Right? There you go. Got it in there again. Google knows Seo and search as us to the same thing. Right? Might call action. started learning us the other day not that your keyword but there. here’s my end fate, hey, this is complicated staff sometimes. Right? here’s why it’s complicated. That’s, what. take the gas work out of it. Right? called action. the framework recommends having three kind of trust signals why you’d wanna do it. included they’re there. again, all of that trust, you’re talking. I I’m able to work some keywords in there. not really trying to make for seo, like that’s never gonna happen. Yeah. But. I am trying to kinda hit there. So here we go, this is where we get to what we could they call the one liner and the brand story. So this is what’s called the one liner. Right. The idea that? when you start brand favorites, you can come up with a really brief paragraph that relates to what you have to offer. That’s what I’m done here. And Teacher’s Seo is in there. Right? So even though my keyword did learn Seo, Google knows. That’s another way of it’s smart enough to figure that out. Right? of Then we get. This is the bulk of a text story brand will ask you to take the different elements of the star brand that is symbol into a long dia tried Mh And there’s. Yeah. I’m talking about Seo can I I have learned Seo in here. you Bye. I’m really just trying to talk honestly hopefully. And you know, I found ways. Just squeeze it in there learn. Lord see all getting more traffic Learn Seo. So I find this balance of being very explicit about what it is I do. Mh. I. So I hear stating but I I I feel that strawberry from helping me raise it in a way where it’s not just Learn Seo seventeen million times. Right. Yeah. you’re just talking about it. Just your story. yeah exactly. Soft call action they And then here we go. Now this is where I’ve break strawberry red framework. And I’ve put some questions and these are vetted questions and I know people are asking because I he’s on research. So what people wanna know about learning Seo? And I’ve just explicitly answered them. Well, guess what? People would know who can learn Seo. Okay. I’ve mention my keyword. And I answer the question, that’s very, very valuable. by the way I’m also using Host sc on the two Mh. Right. So I’m using sc to account these There we go. I. So I’ve I’ve got the King on the page. Right? But I also got more than that because I’ve explained it in the way helps people say, august this isn’t just like Learn seattle. This is someone who can guide me towards the six assessed that I want Right. And you know, I I I hate to use myself as an example because I I don’t know if it’s a perfect example that I just tried to show you how I tried to use the framework Yeah. No. I think this is. well done. Yet. Thank you. Goes through the story very well. Yeah. I’ll I am sure that I Red. I’m sure I went through your whole here. Come through your website pretty quick. Or pretty thoroughly before I purchased so It must have worked. Right? doubt me. I even it off just as the the website. You I know. But. Yeah. Right. Thank you. But. Yeah. I I think it’s just a great question because sometimes we think about Seo, where we end up just making our product or service at commodity, Yeah. But having this store freight works, says we are totally not just another Seo idea way to learn us you. we will help you get from point to point b and you could be the euro of your company That was a pretty good opening liner there too. Yeah. Oh, I you know, we we mean I did. You you’ll see some similar days on my main website with reliable two. which apparently is really slow. succeeded in new marketing and reclaim a time they for what you do best. Yep. Right? This is this is my do for you. service product. Right? Yeah Right. Right? So. people hire me because they are tasked with it, but they just don’t have time. I got other things they gotta do. So I promise you that you have time back to do what you need to do because you’re Got the right person do it it for you. Alright. Bye. there we go Internet internet marketing consultant. Got much you right there. Right. nope. Are you overwhelmed? go have time. guess what? scheduled because this gonna. I like that call action better. Alright. It’s. Know what I’m gonna get? We’re gonna talk, and we’re gonna try to figure you out. Not sure you’re ready to begin. Alright. Let’s start here. And it did the same thing here. Here are questions. Welcome. Yep. That’s good. Good i like that. settles. Good. Yeah. Okay. I hope that helps as an example because that’s I think it’s a super important question. especially comes to Seo,

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