What is the best way to set up Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is one of the most powerful Seo tools since it helps you monitor, maintain optimize you website’s organic search presence. There are many ways to set it up but what’s the best one?

Automated transcript:

I just had a couple of different difficult ones. recently just working through email and then getting the the analytics wasn’t the difficult getting set up it was it was just took time to get access to what I needed to get it set up. I have forgotten then with Google Search council that I needed that And I guess I don’t remember setting up Google site hit that I needed we monitor change that. Yeah. I don’t. It was when I did it and because I have had it on the one with the website that I set up i obviously had dns. And then and then I went to other, I’m like, what you mean you want and I was like, well, just just stop and go back here. Like, we can’t finish. but I haven’t set up a new search console little a while, but I did notice that they tend to prefer search console through Dns, But at a certain point, there was a way, you know, They put it in, but you could get around it by doing it other ways. Yeah. And I don’t. So they’ve got two ways to do it it. And one is by your domain, and then the other is the other way. And the other way used to be the only way you could do it. There there’s domain which is through a text record and your theirs. the file you put on your server, Okay. Yeah. I don’t know if it sparked out anymore. And then there’s the meta, you can add your site. Think the meta is is the on the site is probably the one that you can still do. Because. But I don’t like there’s this there’s the one with your domain it gets. everything like sub names and in like in all of it. That’s why I like doing that and not the other one because the other one. it only gets what you give it. Right. That’s really key. data support. Yeah. Yeah. So so when I do. And that’s why I wanna dns like, I’m not even gonna give them the option because what if they put a sub domain on there or You want that that information you want to be able to to get that and it will attempt. do book at problems from w or not from Or not. Yeah. that he would otherwise. So sometimes people will be lazy in the setup up h t t, triple w domain dot come. But reality, the canonical version is H non w. Mh. Yeah. And so now you’re getting data for the wrong website. Yes. Exactly. So that’s why the Dns is the superior amount. Yeah. And and I I remember when they first started doing that. I was kinda new Google search console and I read up to figure out which one I wanted to do and And then I think I had somebody tell me they they didn’t wanna do it that way. And I’m like, you need to be with this. Well, the problem with the Dns record is sometimes people have no idea it becomes really, really difficult. Yeah. And then you are getting password for their Dns to go four them and the nice risky. So, yeah. I don’t push. I would rather have it. Through. But if that’s two foreign I’d rather have some debt on the economical version using tag. Yeah. So I always look up before I ask them, they’re. so we use information to see where their Dns records are because that will tell you if they’re cloud layer or godaddy or something like that, a lot of the ones I’ve been doing daddy. I like c like said that. but going godaddy has, like, a delicate access and there’s instructions. I’m like, hear the instructions to add still get access. and then you add it, and that’s. But that’s all you have is access to to update. Right. So so that’s that’s pretty easy. to do. So. But at least when I did, I know where the comes to go to. I look at the. who his reference Yeah. If it’s cost or something else. Because all people use say they don’t now they wouldn’t know Right. Right? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It’s better to have. some data than none, but I agree. Dns is the superior way to do it. Yeah. definitely the difficulty I found with the Dns and is that I have clients on legacy for a long time using the the tag, And then when we do the dns, that’s when that’s starts. It doesn’t backfill data Yeah. So it takes a good three months to accumulate data. before I could draw conclusions. Yeah. Yeah. That’s frustrating.

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