What is Iubenda and how to set it up?

Iubenda is a compliance software for websites and apps with many features, including privacy policy and Cookies, but how should you set it up right?

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So So my question is, I have a couple of questions around that. So for Id. Right? I have typically been using Term and privacy policy. Right? But. I can use That for both privacy and Cookie. Is that right? Yep. So I don’t need to have a term again. Right. Bend. move in the next. question is so I set up by. And I’m not sure I have it set right k? because is there something on the year that Yeah. because I think you said you have been on on your website So on mine, when I go there even then if I accepted that it has a little i thing in the bottom even though I say white label. So I’m thinking that I need to say is it only show it in the states and country That’s what I do. the features in my mind. So that is. I think I don’t know where that feature is. Because that’s what because like, example me here in Georgia. We don’t have all that nonsense. So I always at the bottom of my website have a link to privacy cookie. That way say one on. They’re there for everybody to see. And I want the pop up to only come up on places that’s required to come up Yep. Yep. So back the setting I’m missed Right. That’s the same that the I recommend because I find that First of all, while making an issue to people who don’t. needed to be Yeah. second all It it’s just confusing. Like, What? visiting this website. That once you know, if you’re form, it’s that scare than it needs to be. because people just don’t understand that’s how works exactly. And you’re you’re making an issue where it doesn’t need to be. also, like, For years, I’ve served the web and I understand analytics and I understand that price I pay for a free web. Now that I’m be giving an option. I’m like, no. Yeah. Right. Even though it doesn’t really affect near her anyway and then You could, I guess but Yeah. So I just. That’s why i like you been. couple things was set up. So first of all, you need to on a regular basis do a little audit of your website to make sure You and. is. Disclosing all the things that needs to disclose. while you’re setting up by it lists all the possible things. Yeah is a very comprehensive list it is and that breaks me out, because I’m, like, Huh? For instance, with Gdpr Mh n. if you have let’s say, you Alright. So here here’s here’s a really good example. some form from my website, get. thank goes to my email address. That email is on Google Workspace when you disclose Google Workspace. on my Event. k. Second of all, that email automatically goes to My trailer card. trailer board that’s prospects. So I have to disclose pro. on that even though I’m not using on my website, that’s where the data is going going. Okay. So if you are for instance, let’s say you set up a thing where you use saf God close it. sending an email for to a Google seat you’d have to disclose app here and google sheets. because Gdp just like say everything, I have everything. No. Well you don’t. You don’t have. Well, you don’t have all these ad services. Yeah. I’m So, Oh. Okay. But to this is a real challenge here. Right? and that’s why every six months or so you need to go through and just make sure for instance, like, I’ll turn on and off as or I you know, looked in my tag manner during realized That was still serving up The Google. I’m sorry, Linkedin cookie. Mh ahead. So I had to make sure. Now I been we’ll send you emails when covers a tool that you’re not disclosing, Okay. and wordpress has a lot of things too. So if here’s pack, automatically using wordpress analytics and you use close that. If you’re allowing people to log in using the wordpress dot org email address to log into to the wordpress if you disclose that. If you have some Facebook sharing buttons, You have to disclose that. because Facebook is getting data from your website Yeah. So it it’s like let’s say, I. I have something like you were saying, you have to go on in here and you like linkedin then. Well, but then like, let’s say later you take off or disable that linkedin. what let’s just say you’re then required to take that off of your you’re cooking or can i still stay on there even though you don’t it it. I mean, i need to disclose all the things that you are currently using In your privacy policy, it needs explicitly state I use active campaign, Google docs. Okay? Google workspace word wordpress, gravity forms, you have to disclose all that. you’re with Gdpr, Okay. So the offered word there. Okay. Yeah. If you’re going to complete i you with gdpr. Okay. Yes. So you have to disclose it. But when you take them offer are you required to take off that you’re no longer using them? I mean, you’re gonna do Not actively maintain your privacy policy. It says if for instance, let you might say you have a linkedin cookie be which you’re not using it. and you don’t really have it on there. that’s that you’re. It’s better to have more on your thing than not. that everything. Well, no. there will be thousands and thousands of cookies. Okay. Hi Bye it. so you don’t wanna do that. But you’re you can’t do everything because there’s so many, but you’re better to over been under this. It is. Yes. Okay. Okay. Yeah. I look a little tricky like Google. Google Analytics. But that’s the thing I got in there, And I’m like, I don’t know what any of this stuff is. your website uses a Google font, guess what Bill tracking it the But the the tool will scan your website and tell you when it’s. Okay. Okay. So I I need the. Use the scanner, and then go through and say, okay. Where it does an email address? from a form girl, Do I store on excel sheet on my drive? like store again, Office three sixty five voice i store get my story drop back. I would have to then state the top. So the vr has the right to be forgotten yet. And so you need to disclose where data stored in your privacy policy for Gdpr compliance someone says, I understand that. my email. I address might end up on Dropbox. if I if I visit this website, or fill out form. Okay. And that’s therefore. It’s to be a full disclosure So people know Hey. I put your stuff in my dropbox. Mh. Mkay. because probably could hack all the time. Yeah. Right. Okay. bye. Okay. Alright. I need to work on that. I mean, I was sitting here I’m just like, I don’t know. I don’t know. And I guess Hello. I mean, This is How website the exact developers know like, for kevin the fuel are setting up you know, the privacy policy, cut and you of a form on the size, you don’t know where that stuff goes? Well, it’s the client’s responsibility. Yeah. but they don’t know Wait, they don’t have that all answer response. I didn’t know where the season was off, sir, I was going to ninety second. You still this available law. Okay. insurance is no excuse for on you are. I know that So so it’s that’s it’s not easy. It’s really crappy for small businesses. Yeah. Is you’re going to comply with Gdpr. Okay. I’m not a lawyer. Yeah. But if you’re gonna at comply to Gdpr, you have to do this. if you are not going to comply a Gp Gdpr, Yeah. I understand means, like, the necessity to apply her comply is if you’re actively marketing your services, in the European union. Right? Well, it’s again i’m have traffic. from the I guess the the other thing that is that this mainly, we’re talking about Gdpr, but, you know, all these other states have these other that are they Late California and and I cut a couple other have at this point. Back my understand. Is it is that So like, what Tim was saying like, let’s just say get to Your let’s just say europe. but Now, like California has has their thing? So be like now it’s says you get traffic also for anyone in California. you have been if you’re gonna be Gdpr. It’s, like, Gdpr and California. And in they’re very different rules. we have to just Gdpr doesn’t necessarily relate to that Gdpr do with how you have. that’s why like, I bend as only show to people who need it. there is a flaw However, in that Mh. if someone’s of California using a Vpn and the Vpn somewhere else. Exactly have to comply to California law even though their Vpn is trick your system and think you’re done in California. That’s just crazy. Like you’re supposed to be psychic. No, you’re supposed to be informed. a business. If in there have a different. Like, there’s these location changes. people use there’s a lot too. So So if i let’s just say I’m sitting in California on my computer, but I’m using the location change and saying, I’m in georgia. Mh. I if some any website, then I go to sitting in California even though my thing is telling him, I mean, you are just they need to be compliant. It’s my understanding. So then on that part then that really would be the the whole id vendor thing with. You are relying i been to correctly identify where this person is. Okay. Okay. Alright. This is just So phrase is if you’re gonna pay. compliant. Okay. you know, and even the California laws, Yeah. I am not going to stress anything blah Yes. Yeah. But. That is up to you. Yes. Okay. I’m not your moral conscience. Nor your lawyer. Yes. Okay. I i just think. us web professionals are the best ones to be informed about it. Yeah. and and inform our clients or the implications. okay. They can make decisions based on what their attorney has. If you ask an attorney? they’re gonna say You have to do it that. Yeah. That the job? risk. Yeah. But you can make an informed decision with a business center At really with Mkay. Mkay. I have to find that thing in Id where says to only So on the places that is I will say one of the downturns of is, they are is built by a bunch of lawyers, so everything is overly protective and they will upsell you into piece features that maybe your business doesn’t need more. I do use the privacy policy for Gdpr compliance, and I do use the cookies for cop compliance, back. anyway, the California one. And there are others U? I have a client that does a lot of business in Europe. Can I Yeah. Wanna solve the licenses for them. that would be if if they were in Europe, that would then definitely and I could’ve cover with the owner of that business. I said the lawyer but I’m gonna try to get you as compliant you as the distance owner need to understand the world. because I don’t know what you’re doing at late. Some context you, does that get. Where does echo go? this one writing on a note notepad next to their desk. I how you get. Code for. But I’d know Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Now I go. because I’ve i’ve that don’t know. I guess I I mean, I don’t to me like I didn’t quite under seeing and all of it as much as I thought I didn’t. But it’s much more may all. Thank you. Okay. I think It’s not. but it’s I’m just trying to inform Yes. Yes. you might be able to read between the lines, but I’m saying that she should comply yeah. Okay. Hi got it. Okay. Alright.

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