What Is Holding You Back from Acting on Business Ideas?

As an entrepreneur, you have a thousand ideas for what you want to accomplish, but do not know where to begin. Let’s see how others handle this issue.

Automated Transcript:

Where, where are we?

Where are we each getting hung up?

I know for me, I have a million ideas.

And I have a hard time figuring out which one to start with, where do you to get hung up?

That can be the same with me.

One of the things that I’m working on, to help with that is, you know, I hired my second virtual assistant and I have been taking and getting my processes together.

And having her do some of those and then, you know, instead of me just going through and doing it myself, you know, kind of going through and showing her how to do it.

So that the next one then she can do and then I can go back and check and say, okay.

These are the things.

So, and that’s helping a bit, you know, as far as kind of right now and during this stage of it, it’s slower.

Or because I’m teaching how to do some things but I think in the end it’s going to help me then free up some time for some other.

You know things that I’m like want to do, you know I your your whole contacts or connect page.

I need to do that.

And so

Got list of things like that that I just haven’t done and I want to sew in a no.

So I think that kind of getting my processes down and then so that I can get my assistants to do, more of that, work to where I’m just checking things and not doing all the work.

So more managing and overseeing do you prioritize your tasks?

Yeah, that’s but also in mind is more like

I know I need to set this up, but what do I want to say more?

How, you know, like just like one week when you suggested to thank you after you fill out the form, but I think the last time we spoke about it was like, even though you say thank you for signing up also put on there, like it could take 24 to 72 hours to respond but just like, what setting even when writing,

Blog post is more like what do I want to say?


Does it come across boring?

How can I make it more interesting type thing or figure out what people are more interested in reading about?

Yeah I had a boss.

He used to say he said it so often I attributed to him but it’s really a quote by Voltaire.

It’s don’t let enemy be the order would Perfection be the enemy of progress.



Sometimes getting something up, is better than nothing at all.

Well, then getting it.

Perfect done is better than perfect.

Yes, like today, I just wrote a blog post.

I’ve literally spent two months writing

And I just, it just got to the point where I just like, you know what, done it just it’s done.

Yeah, I can go update it later if I really need to, but, you know, two months is pretty.

It was probably good a month ago, but I didn’t want to launch it because I was just too, right?

Yeah, it needs to be perfect.

I know how that is, yeah.

I know, I’ve got several things that

But I’ve got the blog post that I need to put up and I just haven’t like just the final little things like getting my images and all and getting certain things optimized before I upload it, a lot of that, I send to my assistant to do but I just haven’t even given him the task to do it because I’ve got him working on other things right though.

It’s just it’s just like well that’s not as important.

So I’ll do other yeah, like I got a ball out, pulls done that a photo.

With it but I haven’t posted it yet and it’s been completed since like a month ago.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Sometimes you just got to pull the trigger.


And I also want to look more on the whole website speed and stuff and and get that.

So one of the things we talked about was it last week, we talked about the webp images.

So my evidently I have a way of doing it and didn’t even realize it on my site.

So I have short pixel plug in and you check a box, but then you have to go down in like authorized give some API with Cloud Player.

And so that’s what I did.

I don’t know one day this week Monday, maybe it was but the thing was I ran

Through GT metrics and Lighthouse before.

And then when I ran it afterwards, both times my desk, top speed was really good.

My mobile speed is not

And it actually got worse after I did that.

And I’m like,

so I just I need to spend time working on and sing, and I just haven’t haven’t spent time doing it.

It’s, you know, it’s one of those.

Well, I’ll get to it.

So yeah, yeah, I hope that the, the game plan in the steps kind of help prioritize things, right?

We can obsess about pagespeed.

We’ve taught the ton about what it’s turned out to be, as not as big of a deal.

Yeah, yeah, I think my most

Will was like 54 and I’m just like it can be better and I need to work on it but it’s not the number one on my list, right?

Having don’t feel bad because I mean, I can’t get mobile up past 50, something to save my life and I went through like almost every step that

Does recommend between G Qi metrics and the other page be website.

I can’t get it.

Yeah, right.


And you know but there’s more important things than that, right?


Having having a call to action on your site.

Yeah, is more important than that.

Haven’t done.

Keyword research to understand what pages you need.

Having the page on your site is more important that it

Him fast.

Yeah, right.

And so you know, having a plan for how you’re going to add pages to your site.

Like I would almost let the pagespeed suck until later.

You got the page up.

Yeah, yeah.

Because otherwise, you know, it’s better to have a page than it be slow than.

Did not have a page and miss out on that.

Yeah, track.


I mean, I have to follow the process for myself as much as my own clients.

I mean, I said I followed this for my clients but I often neglect it for myself because I have a ton of ideas.

I have to go back to this on a regular basis and say, okay, where am I?

Oh, I haven’t checked webmaster tools and a few weeks.

I’m going to start there, just to make sure nothing weirds happened.


And if I only get to that one, so that’s the only thing I do for myself once a week.

I think that’s

Some sort of progress.



Because the plan that you have out is very good because the other day I realized I think I saw the email but just ignored the email but I had got an email from Google analytics that it was going to stop my reports as of May 2nd.

And I really don’t reason I realized that because I was like, wait a minute I haven’t gotten any reports this month.

And I went back and looked in the folder that I have in Google.

I mean, my Gmail and there was the email stating that it was going to stop the report.


So I got to go back into that where they expire is that did you get a notice?

So you do get a notice when they expire because I was like, you know, have different dates on some of my timeline.

I got to remember this but at least, okay.

Yeah, I’ll have to remember, not to ignore the email, which I can do that as well.


Oh yeah.


You know, I’ll look at this later and you keep it and then it’s like, yeah, to help me.

I always have them scheduled to arrive Monday.

You had one of my first things to do forever client on Monday is to look at the monthly, the weekly report, that Weekly dashboard and that prompts me to go into search console and troubleshoot.

And I mean, I can’t tell you how many times that saved my bacon.

I need to focus and go back and do some of that.

Work online.

So yeah, I’m hoping to encourage you to say we all have this struggle.


And if if we we all know a lot it’s our tendency is to ignore the process because we know better but I have to use the process that I wrote Because if I don’t use my own process, I will Overlook things.


Yeah it’s it’s it’s meant to

Free me up to be creative rather than is to Shackle me to only the process.

Yeah, so if I follow the process and check my reports every week,

Then I can rest assured that.

That’s okay.

And I can start to do the fun creative stuff.



And I need to do to get my process is a little more organized.

Like I have them all down but like, sometimes I have them and I don’t look at them.

I was starting a new website week and a half ago, and I’m like, okay, let’s get going, I start working.

I’m like, where’s your checklist for ship, go down in order so that you don’t forget a stat.

And because I have like one and it’s just a base one and then I copy it for each client and then it has a checkbox next to it.

So done.

Done not done.

So I know you know, if I had to skip something for some reason that it hasn’t been done, I have to go back to it.

So I um, so that I just need to make sure I do that because sometimes it’s, you know, you just get going.

Okay, let me do this and you don’t look at your checklist, yep.

Yeah, yeah.

Which is important.

Because like, that’s six months thing, check certain things, every six months is important because if I had I probably would well I’d looked at the email but I said I’ll do it later and didn’t get background to it.

Yeah, I do that.

I think I got stuck on the Google site kit and it’s like, well that gives me on my reports.

Anyways, I can just go there and look

Versus when Google sends me my reports every week.

So but yeah that’s important right now.

I’ve got mine coming in got week, my weekly reports in the my monthly reports.

So yeah, I got to go back in and redo my because they expired.

Well, it’s really easy to restart it.

Just go into admin Council or admin console of the in over on The View.

It there’s something that says email reports and you can just enable it again and it will immediately start.


So you don’t just set it up again.

Okay, good.

Yeah, yeah, I’ll do the same thing.

I’ll be like, wait, I don’t think I’ve gotten a report like this for a few weeks.

I didn’t pay attention.

Yeah, I just Google set that to expire.

You want to get out because they don’t want to send out any males if you don’t want to get him either.

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