What is filtered view on Google analytics?

Google Analytics filters can be hard to grasp. So what is a filtered view’s purpose in Google Analytics?

Automated transcript:

in the view section of google analytics I’ll see it. Because a filter view, what does the mean oh. that might explain something So if you recall While back and we did our Google Analytics course Mh. We We talked about how supports set three views. the default view, the backup to you the testing view Mh. Right? Well, the testing view Okay. So the back of you should have no filters at all completely on touched. That is just the case something goes wrong. a filtered view, is where we modify the data we send into Google Analytics permanently. So Yep. they have a filtered view you can go into the admin section of Google analytics. view the filters to see what is being changed as it gets sent to google analytics. Okay. One thing you might do to one reason you might filter your view is if you only wanted to if you wanted to exclude traffic from your internal Ip address, let’s see work at. Wells Fargo. And you don’t want people from Wells Fargo. inf the traffic numbers on the Wells Fargo website. Because you only wanna to see people coming from. side of wells fargo. Well, the It team Wells Fargo could determine what the Ip address is from their peter’s. and go into google analytics change the filters to that Nothing from Wells Fargo reflected in Google Legs. Oh, okay. like when my last agency, we had a static Ip address what we did as we went into every profile created filtered view made sure that the agency’s Ip address was not. adding data to clients Bye. We who worked from home don’t have static Ip addresses speed pay isp. that is a dynamic Ip address to change Everyone while. That’s why we use Ghost. because goes three exclude our traffic without having to worry about changing our Ip address. So I would look and see what the filter used is filtering Mh. just might not fill thing. if it does filter something, if there are filters added it, it is permanently changing the data sent to Google Analytics, And if. if that is what they mean to do. And and the filters are installed properly everything’s me. Yes. Where’s a typo? or an error or it’s old filter is no longer valid. then could be telling them something different about their own site. So double check to see what the filter says. It might not have anything in there. But check the filter says in double check to make sure it’s right. and you’re doing it right starting from day one, because now when you fix it, let’s say let’s say there’s a problem. If you fix it, immediately, you’re sending more traffic me immediately you look at it. know you really it to that. How don’t we check that filter view to see what is excluded? Do we just go in the and tell. Yeah. So let me I don’t wanna. me see if I can. Miss if I get into a Google analytics count, Okay. I do that. do this. Alright. Let me see if I can get into the google Analytics account. That’s not protected that I can share on screen M. So this is the views are limited to universal analytics, not g. So Ga form will do this in a different way and insight of know look it will be at alright. Let me change to change to change. Oh. Let’s do that work, please. Okay. Here we go. I Alright. Share in my screen, They’ll be too impressed with how much traffic yet. No. No. Hasn’t. Okay. So go to admin, the. The gear at the bottom, and there are views. Right? So when I’m at in a view, I presume there’s a view called filtered. Is that correct? Yes. So let’s say while website got filtered. I can then out a filters if there are filters it will show me what this being filtered and what filter means when the Google Analytics code, receives Sorry. The good goodwill could sends data to Google. The filter comes between that the database that stores the data and changes the data. So it could do stuff like excluding Ip addresses. could do stuff like I want to include the whole Url in the data in the Url. So the whole domain name There are people who miss who try to clean up referral spam this way. That’s the wrong way to do it. But Just double check here and see what is being filtered and make sure We’re not filtering out data. we would love to see. Okay. Great. Super advanced great, wonderful interesting question. Thank you for asking.

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