What If the Page Experience Report Says This Property Is Not Collecting Enough Data?

When you finally get traffic to your site, you check your page experience in Google console and it says not enough data collected. Let’s hear what David has to say.


So, your third question was about the Google search console.

Yes, It was. I went to the page experience, and it said not enough data was collected on this property. Should I be worried? Because my search console has been set up for months, probably like a year or so now.

So the short answer is: I don’t think you need to worry. It means that your website isn’t getting enough traffic yet. Apparently, Google has decided when websites cross a certain amount of traffic, they will start showing this. But, possibly, it’s not worth it to Google for smaller websites do the processing power to provide that information. Which is too bad.

You can simply visit each page and do a page speed insights review.

Just as you can see the page speed insights report in the search console, you can use Screaming Frog to crawl every page of your website and show you the page speed insight scores on each page. Give it an API code from Google, and it will run the script on each page.

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