What does a 500 error in search console mean?

Google shows many errors in Search Console. What is a 500 server error and what causes it?

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So I got a message from Google search console, and it says that there was a five hundred server error. And so this specific website it was hosted at site k. So I went and i. I look at the website, I don’t see anything. there is that Url is something about like a theme part of the theme, but it’s not like there’s nothing there. And so I guess my question is, what does that mean? And how do I fix this? Okay. Let me show you show something that might help. So within carrie sands, you can. Because the one day of abbreviated five hundred errors five x six. right Yeah. So if you go type in five x x and search. curious. you’re gonna find a comprehensive guy to google the search console. Oh, okay. Alright. here’s right here at the top biometric under error. something happened with you sure not google request to the page. So basically, all the happened is at one ton The came by a page and said, how Okay. four, you know. So we know the different hundred levels. two hundred means page access correctly. Mh. Three hundred level is here no Marcus else. Four hundred is The four hundreds the that page doesn’t exist. five hundred you don’t have permission to access it. Okay. Then permission. Okay. So The first if so if you go to the bottom of all these lens. you can get to the Google support document That has all kinds of really wonderful specifics upon first thing they basically suggest dude to make sure With five hundred, you don’t have the Google bot trying to get to a page it doesn’t have permission to get to. Okay. But you need ask, do you want the google bottle on that page? Okay. So if you don’t, if it’s a theme file than the, you do not want Google assisting that. Anybody for that matter except a impressed with internally, So that means yay, something happened right Google sending a five hundred error to you, to say hey, double check to make sure we you didn’t really mean us to see this page or not. Mkay. And if it’s a same page, to take your website work, but doesn’t not a contact page then great. Yes. Exactly. Five hundred exactly what once you see. they we’ve worked. It’s just Google is boarding you about it. In the sense that are are you sure that’s what you wanted us to see in this case? Yep. And it means everything’s working great. Okay? So i do that? sometimes, though you’ll find a five hundred air on an important page At that point, it just could been a hiccup something got pick up during the viewing to the page of the Google bot five hundred out. And Okay. So then just check it manually and you can actually submit to Google as a solution validated and Google will be like oh yeah. Alright. Everything’s fine now. How we see it now. Mkay. So sounds like. I would just. Yeah. Well, I wasn’t in it said that the page was there. And so I’m wondering if like, it was a thing that is not using. So it wasn’t it was maybe dollars one I don’t know. Yeah. on wordpress, it’s probably best practice to other installed means you weren’t using. Yeah. in case of the security hong call, U and uninstall, not just deactivated all install it. it also keeps things cleaner sometimes even if we lock clients out if sometimes get more x system they need, milk. Both around. What would have up I did this button? So just you. Anyway. So, most the most of those areas we get from Google search console are false positives, but is that rare time what it tells us something it’s like I’m so glad you told me that. Yeah. Okay. Okay. So so this one, I’m pretty sure is one that is Okay? So is it just gonna stamp as an ear or how do highlight? That again. I think I misspoke spoke. There’s not a way with five hundred to tell Google reconsider So it’ll clear out as an error. Okay. If you start to lose a whole bunch of them, …should investigate but note also that and maybe this is how you found out When you set up a client and search console, they also receive this note occasion. Yeah Yeah. So this could be either you know, a place where you can come out to a hero and say, hey, just looked at this. Just wanted to reassure you everything is okay. Mh. Worries just to glitch. Yeah. Or you were real problem practice say, hey, Guess what? found a problem. Yeah. Well, I I it’s pretty much decided it wasn’t in the problem email they plan in told it was well. Okay? But I just one is is because basically when I looked at page doesn’t exist. So and I’m like, well, and it’s working fine. And then I had reached out to the host. And they said that it you is not an issue. But I just wanted to understand that a little bit more. Yes. Yeah. Search console is a lot better that used to be. As far as proactively sending you mess is you don’t have to look insert console to find out errors Yeah. But But sometimes it leads to confusion and sometimes clients will react over something like that. So. Yeah. hopefully, understanding it better can help down. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. perfect. Great question And and hopefully on that same page, you, like, in the game plan, you could see the other errors if you ever her account or any of those. Yeah.

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