What are the pages every website must have?

Having a website now is a very crucial element to scale your business and get more customers, however you need to convince your visitors about why they should trust your expertise and make their life easier by answering questions they might have in mind or give them the opportunity to ask one and for that you need a set of pages on your website.

Automated transcript:

What It’s interesting. remember we’ve talked about Google’s. quality radar guidelines, Mh okay. Yeah. I’m seeing. there are according to that there are two pages every everywhere say even just a vlog has to have. for quality about us and contact us. U. because Google from in terms of of the quality from the manual review, not a necessarily aggressively, if they don’t know who’s right log, they need to see about ask pace for mh. so they don’t know that it’s credible. Yeah. Right. We’ve all see like private love network, where you know, it’s just a blog and it, doing is any idea. Mh. Behind Yeah onto to that. So if you got page bye too is like and why would I care? Yeah. And that’s one thing Asked need to. also from a. it’s three standpoint, you know, I told the pages it ear irritates me. I go to page and even if you service people all across the world, I wanna know where you’re located. I did. I mean, and it doesn’t mean anything. It’s just that I you know, I wanna make sure. Sorry I just wanna make sure, you know, hey, the you’re were you located does matter just that you have an address And. then I was talking the other. I I have this kind of. thing that I talked I had a lot with I really think that having and email contact in far. I think we’ve had we’ve talked about this before. even though, like, the the contact form, a lot of people have that on their website. I still like seeing an email, because of the number of times I filled out those forms and never heard back Same with the phone number? Not That I I will be the last person that used that phone number. But I wanna see if that it’s there in case every other way, I try to reach she doesn’t want. this brings up to really good the the point that If you wanna block, great, why. Yeah. and it’s to have a blog is not a fair to see it doesn’t solve the prop if you wanna log to promote your business, great. So you need a call back soon that blog, and that probably is gonna be contacted us yeah. Or I wanted out about who is behind this I know who’s promoting and what they’re promoting Yeah. If if If you just wanna a blog because you’re gonna to talk about can’t, and you can’t like to sit on your left during important conference calls. and and have little sales pick up there. You can find toe when she go buy. That’s fine. Like cares. if you’re not looking for traffic from Google, you don’t, care. Right? You don’t care. Yeah. But if you if you’re a business then you wanna log, What do you hope to accomplish with that? Yeah. Yeah. so you need to pull that action. Even if the call building my site by the product, And you need But you also need a contact Google suggests because Who you what do you have question? Right? That google they use a contact page. as a credit real say, even if it’s just an email address on the contact page at least there’s a Yeah. But about us pages well who’s behind this Why should I believe what you have to say? Mh. Yeah. Yeah. Definitely. So. And and I you know, the best beside the question of like privacy stage. Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely.

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