What are the best SEO blogs to follow?

SEO is always changing. How can you keep up with the changes? By reading some of the best blogs in the industry.

There are several blogs I follow on a regular basis, so I can keep up with changes around SEO. Here’s my favorites:

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I have a question, I think near bet when we first started, we had some good references. Ants. Websites that dealt with Google and SEO. Oh yeah yeah I can I have the yeah yeah invent all. I will look it up for you real quick. That way. I know I’m getting the right stuff when I’m writing. Oh so you want to use this as sources? Is that what you want eat. Can I do that? Yeah yeah yeah. So Here’s what I read on a regular basis. I keep up with the big SEO, Reddit group. I don’t even know if I’m part of that group. So it’s a, you know, it’s a subreddit, the big SEO, one is really good. There are some charlatans in there and there are some is some bad advice but it’s monitored actually by Google So it’s so funny because every once in a while, John Mueller from Google will interject, if someone gives really bad SEO advice, it’s really funny always followed the Google search search Central blog. That’s their official search blog. I follow Richard Monte on search engine Journal. Okay. Richard Monte Mo en TI You can you can sort search engine Journal by the author and only get a feed. By a particular author, I find search engine journal to be a lot of advertising and not helpful. So I also say, yeah, I was on there doing some of my research, so search engine Journal. Is a pretty good place. No. Oh okay. But Richard Monty is okay. Search engine Journal has a lot of paid content. Oh, it’s so you got to be really careful about what you read from them. Search engine land is really good. And search engine Roundtable is really good. I also follow the white spark blog for local search. I follow the official, Google ads and commerce blog for updates about AdWords or Google ads, Google ads and commerce. It’s called Google ads and commerce as their official blog Simo ahava. It’s IMO is a hav a when it comes to Google analytics and Google tag manager In fact, if yeah, he’s Advanced but really, really good. There’s a website called the local SEO guide that I really like so follow Moz. Emma Z Mo Z. Another for analytics is Occam’s razor by Avinash kaushik. Yeah, good question. A viiiain, a shi Avinash. Ka Yu Shi ke h ik. I follow SEO by the sea. and then SEO Theory, I follow and then I will also follow the the the subreddit Tech SEO. Which is more technical, SEO issues. Please say, follow this on Facebook or Twitter. It’s on it’s on Reddit. I’ll read it. Okay. So those are the things I try to check on most every day. If you follow me on social media, if I find something really good, I will just share it from those Feats but that’s how I keep up with news for SEO and stuff like that. But I’ve that’s what I found to be the most useful because there’s a lot of information that like like I suggested search engine Journal, there’s a lot of sponsored posts. So there are a lot of ads that are posing as well. I think I have to watch it. That explains why they always come up when you start your first one, maybe. Yeah. But yeah, that’s a great question. It’s I hope that helps gives you some more information. Yeah, it does. Thank you. I think I was most search engine land before. That one seems familiar Trish has been quoted by search engine Roundtable, a few times, until you know, Trisha, I’ll Trust your okay. She finds, she’s found a couple things changing with Google local and she’s brought it up. They have promoted her tweet and such. That’s pretty respectable. I haven’t earned that right yet. But White’s Park is also has a lot of blogs or no? Yeah, white Sparks really good. It’s okay. What sparks their services are pretty good, too. Thank you. I got to go rewrite some stuff and I got research this.

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