What Are Some Tips for Managing Time for Clients?

Managing your time effectively is crucial for good productivity and efficiency, which is why time management is fundamental for many businesses and careers.

Automated Transcript:

how do you manage time that you do for your each of your clients?

When you say manage, what do you mean like, how do I keep track of it and no one come abused.

Do you track of time for Clarence?

I use toggle.

Now, I keep track of it.

Do I then go back and look at it you know, that that’s something I need to but um, but yeah, I use toggle

because like you can print reports and everything to it.

But how do you allocate and know that your stone decide?

What top how much I haven’t really

Like devised anything specifically for that.

Yeah, you know, I’m my business is a little different in that I limit my number of clients.

I take on because I want to cap out.

I don’t want to grow as a business.

I want to just be me.

I don’t want to have a bunch of employees.


And so don’t want to create an agency, but I have some 1099 employees and that helps.

But, you know, I don’t have so,

I do is I know, based on which clients pay or how much clients pay about how much work do them each month.

And I divide that by 4 to get how much time I owe them each week.

Then each week I block out time in my calendar to make sure our okay this client gets six hours a week.

This client gets four hours a week and I make sure I block out.

Usually I do like to our box because then I can really get into stuff and sometimes if the clients smaller, I’ll do several one hour box.

Yeah, but so my calendar then gets really full because all my clients have time and then then within that Paradigm, I go and say, okay, curious ants gets two hours, reliable, a crime gets two hours.

And that way, I know that that’s time for marketing for me.

Along with my client.

Now I’ll find myself doing is fudging my own.

I will rob myself as a claim.

Not give myself the full two hours.


But but at least it’s allocated certainly something gets done.

Hmm, how do you write out what you’re going to do and then allocate that time for one more question?

So one of the things I do is I got this from,

I forgot where I got this idea, but every Monday morning, I sent each of my clients in the email saying here’s what I want to do for you this week.

Hmm, sometimes it’s longer.

Sometimes it’s pretty standard stuff.

You know, I’m going to write, you’ll publish blog post.

Pretty much everybody gets blog post, right?

Every week, I’m going to, but sometimes it’s like, hey, last week, you asked me about this.

I’m going to take the time to research has

And so, I sent that email to clients for two reasons.

Number one,

For me like I need to have it written down, what I want to do, but it also takes time for me to figure out what will help this client.

So that means there, too.

I’m ego-driven because now I’ve got to do these things.

Yeah, right.

Three the client knows I’m thinking about them.

And if the client says, oh my gosh.

Something’s come up.

I need you to stop everything and do this.

They know what they’re stopping.



Most clients just a great.

If they applied, all right, sometimes clients will say, oh, but I need you to do this instead, okay, okay, we can shift things around and so then that’s how I kind of make a list.

Because with each of the clients, I have the, the SEO game plan spreadsheet that I use.

And I sort that by priority and then by last time, Dylan and I know what tasks need to get done this week.

Like, if I know three months ago, I optimize the page for a particular phrase.

I know that this week I need to go and review that page for optimization again or go six months.

That’s interesting.

You do that like on Monday.

So I’ve heard a different approach instead of sending clients on Monday.

What you’re going to do, send them on Friday, what you did for the week, but then you can slack off by if you didn’t do it.

Oh well, you just leave it up flips well or all up.

So, to be honest, I’ve if I was really good, I would hold myself accountable or my clients would hold me accountable for the things that I did and didn’t do, or I would say at the end of the week, I was able to do these things, but not get to these things.

I’m going to do those things next week.

Yeah, that would be I think I even more productive thing.

Like clients haven’t asked for that.

I’d like to think that’s because they trust me.


But you know that’s how I was going to ask, Heather has been a time.

You didn’t get to do anything on that.

I mean, not anything, but it’s has there been a time that you may have not gotten to do maybe one thing on that list that you sent them on Monday?

Probably every week, okay?


Because it’s aspirational.

But but within that, I’ve the installation, if I’d probably the most important things,


Because if it’s a time for me, every Monday morning to go through all my clients, the emails I got over the last week, the emails I didn’t check because it came in a Friday at five o’clock and go through and say, oh they asked me this question or oh, crap.

I forgot to do this.


And then so I’m writing it down and oftentimes, I did not don’t do everything on that.


But because I keep it somewhere else and I manage my tests or Trello and this spreadsheet are used for all the clients.

that caps me, keep track of

Well, not only the regular SEO tasks which are in the game plan.

It just need to be repeated, but then things that come up like a client is doing a what we call these freebie lip like the giveaway thing to get, the email address is the ball for.


Yeah I’m one of my clients working on that and I’m like, oh yeah that’s that’s not really in the game plan but it’s important.

So I’ve had them Trello.

Every Monday I checked,

Check the spreadsheet.

I check emails and say okay, here’s the things I need to do this week.

And I think my clients at least appreciate the fact that I’m thinking of them.

And no, I will be addressing some of the issues this week.

Now, if you’re too small of a client, you probably don’t get that kind of attention from me.

And I don’t have that many small clients.

And if you’re a big client,

Well, that’s a really long list.


But you’ve also been allocated several hours for that week for me to be working on that stuff and things come up, right?

So that I’ll be willing to move and this is kind of what I would like to do for you this week.

Got it.

So you don’t say this is what I am going to do is like this.

What I plan or would like guarded by saying yes, I plan on doing this.

I don’t promise to do all this planet.

At this moment in time, this is what I’m planning on doing, okay.

That way.

Like, you know, and if they held me accountable for it then that’s totally cool.

I am suggesting


you know, because I what I’m listing, are things, I think will help them.

Yeah, you know, I’m not making up tasks to do something.


But I don’t know if that helps you.

That’s just how I manage my time and manage tasks that pump.

Why I need to get, it is healthy.

I think that also gives your clients more trust in you as well.

Yeah, I would hope so because I, I feel like, that’s one of the things I really want to bring to the table is

Trust, you know.

Yeah, there’s a lot of SEO companies whose philosophy is we just going to start bringing on more and more clients and we’re only going to address the clients who are complaining

And so they’re profitable because they don’t touch you unless you complain.

Yeah, right.

And that’s not how I want to do business.

Everybody gets work every week and some get more than others, but if they get more because they’re paying more and they’ve allocated more time.

That’s like that.

Yeah allocate how much?

So you have a list of the things you attach your need to do and you set up how much time you want to spend on each task that I’m gonna, I don’t know that granular.

Oh, okay.

No, you know I say you know it’s a moderately sized client I’ll find you know, half dozen or so different things, I need to do this week, okay?

And sometimes it’s the repetitive tasks.

I’m going to check in and

Paid search.

Write her.

That’s pretty broad that could take a couple of hours that could take a long time depending on if something went wrong or what.

Yeah, right.

You know, sometimes it’s like I’m going to do some competitive link research and see where your competitors are getting linked.

So we can get some.

All right, I could spend hours doing that.

Yeah, sometimes I looking like, yeah, there’s nothing.

I find clients don’t care how much time I spent as much as that things are going in the right direction, results wise, right?

If they get are getting more and more leads, they don’t really care how much time I spent.


Yeah, I know I was talking with the client today and his tell me how many new clients use getting each week and he’s like, oh it’s good, whether it’s all working, I was like, okay good.

So, um, you know, it’s good getting that feedback from them, right?

You know, making sure that that what you’re doing is is moving the needle in the right direction.

I mean, you’ve got your, your analytics and everything that tell you that but also having a client tell you

They’re seeing it, you know, as well.



Yeah and taking it out of the subjective and putting it into the objective where it’s not.

I feel it’s working but it’s working.

Yeah, good.

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