What Are Some Alternatives to Linktree?

A small number of links are allowed in your profile bio on most popular platforms like Instagram. Let’s look at your options.

Automated Transcript:

Trisha. I have a question for you? Yes. Tim. So, what’s the best way to add links from social media profile such as link tree or something like that? Do you what do you recommend? Oh, I see why you’re asking me this. So you’re so dates of the main question. He’s asking me is like, if you want to have a page like a leak. Free. What’s the best way to do? That he’s looking at link tree Alternatives and I know that you have some suggestions, you how to delete, which I need to implement for myself. Great. But here’s my thing, I always always told businesses to own own your I always I have a little picture of a poop emoji up, their own it and so I don’t like sending people off to another site like link touring, you can use that as an example. Sample of what it would look like but I say my thing is set it up on your just as a page on your website. You know, your Biz Watchdogs /, social media, links or something. And that’s what I recommend like especially for Instagram where you can’t put links in it. You have to say Lincoln by on, you have that one link, what you don’t want to keep changing the link every whatever because then people are going to see old posts and they’re not going to know what you were talking about. So a good way to You that is to set up something a page that has whatever information you want to have on there and and do that. So I recommend doing that on your website you can take a look at and that’s the thing you’ve already got your website, add a page. Take a look at all those other places and get examples of what you want it to look like, take the best of those, put it into your website and and do that. So the next related question to that is, what would you put on those links? Hmm, so probably for that I have haven’t since I haven’t done my own while it kind of depends on what you have for your business. So part of it would be my call to action. My freebie for my lead gen links to social media, really kind of a lot of what I have on my virtual business card. I would have a, you know, My contact information, my freebie social media. And also, if I’m like especially you’re using it for Instagram. If you’ve got like you know you’re away to do like your most recent blog post have have those on there because a lot of times you’ll say read our recent blog post. Well where is that? So you could even just do like a link to your blog page and have all your bugs there. So part of it depends on where You’re going to give that link out and I like, what you said, one things you said specially don’t forget to put your call to action in there. Although sometimes we forget that, we don’t want to be too obnoxious. But like if someone’s taking the time to click off to, first of all, it’s a pay the but click off Instagram, right? Yeah. And then second of all, once you click off Instagram, if you’re going to trouble, make it easy for them contact, you maybe want to have a set up an appointment Link in there, may be a jerk. Number 2, clickable, because most of the social media is consumed on mobile devices. So have a click to call phone number, right? Yeah. Make it easy for them to Dave, to contact you, but yeah, I think great, great idea. Yeah, I also so on my virtual business card, let me see if I can. Okay, on that one of the things because that’s as a virtual business card, I also have and most people that’s kind of Signed for yourself, and you can see it on computer, but it’s really designed for your cell phone. There’s a place to save it to your contacts, so they can click and save your information to their phone right there. So you can get into their contacts. I like that. So good. And I like the idea of inviting people to your other social networks, because they’re already clearly someone who’s involved in social networking. Yeah. And if you’re doing it right, which I’m not. But if you are and you’re having, Content on different social networks than great. They might be interested in your Twitter feed or your Facebook page too. So that what was it? I don’t know if you few weeks month or so ago when I was you ready we emailed? I had emailed you and at the bottom of your thing, are we connected on LinkedIn? I was like I don’t know that I’m connected today but I’ve known you for how many years and I’ve clicked on it and we were not connected and I connected with you even though we know Know each other, but that’s the thing, you know, with social media, you never know what platforms somebody uses the most. And it’s a good way to make sure they get connected because, you know, people change platforms. Some people, I know people on Facebook. I don’t like Facebook anymore. Moving off of there. I’m like, oh well I hope I’m connected with you someplace else, so yeah. Yeah, that link in my signature for LinkedIn is the most effective way to my LinkedIn Network. And it’s more qualified people. It’s not just any old fool. Yeah, wants to be a lion on LinkedIn. Right. I don’t care about that. I don’t want to connect with you just for the sake of connecting with you. Yeah. You have a real relationship. I protect my LinkedIn pretty tightly. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. But you could, I could do the same thing. I could say, are we connected on social media, and send them to that landing page? Yes, exactly uses the have them pick which one they use. The most rather than having 16 social media links in my signature, I like that. I think we’re coming up with great ideas. I like that.

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