Tips to prevent website spam

In this week’s Office Hours we talked about several ways you can prevent spam emails from your website.

There are several great tools- especially in WordPress- that can help prevent website spam. The value of this: making sure you don’t get frustrated and miss legitimate leads from your website.


I’ve had this fam on the form and what is it? You’re excused. So I It’s called human presence. Okay? And so, I don’t know the cost because it’s included in my hosting so bad. When I turned that on, it was like magic. Well in my moves to moving everything to WordPress. I haven’t had a Spam issue so far, but it’s always good to know what to do. And so I appreciate that tip. I’ll follow it over there. And, you know, if I have to dig it out like a dick doubt, your Links Page. Yeah, I also used recaptcha on it but that didn’t do anything. I had recaptcha set up. What is it? And it didn’t do anything. I still got a ton of them and they wasn’t until I put human presence on, and I’ve used akismet, which is a WordPress product that it’s with most WordPress form plugins to prevent it. Well, that has done a good job for me because you’re kind of using the power of word press. In other words you have WordPress is like 33 percent of the web. Yeah. Maybe if not more and so everyone who has not abated bought submitting to a WordPress site, it Kismet can collect all the information and quickly. Determine this is a bot and quickly cut it off. It’s normally for comment spam. But it works on forms as well. They do ask for a small fee but that small fee is worthwhile and it’s taken care of a significant amount of spam lately, though, I’ll admit that I’m getting a lot of emails from Elon Musk about Bitcoins, that belongs to b or something. Bologna, like that. So some things by passing the akismet system. Yeah. Which I need to look at other options because but Trisha brought up a really good point. I don’t put email addresses because I’m afraid of spam. But I’m a liar if I’m saying, I don’t get span through my forms to yeah. Well, and the main reason I do is for user experience. So, and which you kind of have to, I think each individual business needs to weigh those two and see for them.

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