Should keywords be listed under a subheading?

Sub-headlines are a great place to put your focus keywords! Just don’t spam your users!

Automated Transcript:

Well, I’m going to put everybody on the spot if there’s no other questions. Yeah. I had a asked one of my clients actually if she had any questions. Yeah, because she’ll just throw things to me every once in a while. And be like, should I do this on the latest blog post? Here is probably not. So her question is, should she have keywords listed in a subheading like like she sees a another blog out there that you know in the heading or at least it looks like a heading. I asked her to send me an example so I can inspect it but You know, they just have like maybe their top 10 keywords that the blog post is about right under the heading. Oh yeah. I would not recommend doing that. We do tags on our blog post, so like, like if you’re looking for them, it’ll say with the keywords, so like if you’re doing a search, it’ll pop out, but it’s definitely not like prominent on, all right? Well, so even the tags, that’s another issue. That could be a problem for you. If you’re not careful, we’ll get to that. Second putting listing keywords is Like we just we just looked at a couple of examples of how Google’s able to understand what a page is about. We asked, what’s the best way to do a budget in the page? Google serve did not have the phrase. What’s the baby best way to do a budget on it? It’s still served up a page from Bank of America didn’t have the exact words on their Google is past literal key words and its way to understand. So at best you’re kind of wasting your time, right? It would be better to write about the topic and think about the page as about a topic, not about a specific set of keywords and then spend time delving into all what you can talk about about that topic which will inevitably mean you will include those keywords. There, I’ll recommend everybody, we don’t want to build a page per keyword. We want to build a page for Topic in the topic will include several keywords we’ve discovered right? It’s but that doesn’t mean List the keywords. I’ve seen people do it. The bottom of page, two people might also search for bum. Bah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, right. Ok, Google clearly understands what content is about so you’re not really helping. In fact, you might End up making yourself look bad. Yeah, right. And so even if it doesn’t help you, if it hurts you from a user perspective, that might not be a good idea. If you’re trying to compensate for the fact that you only have 200 words. On that page, I would rather spend the time writing 500, 600 800 words on a page. Then listing keywords. You hope someone could find yeah. So probably is not really helping It’s probably not hurting but it could be hurting. If you were thinking I can get around, not putting a lot of content on this page, right to do it. So, I probably wouldn’t do that now about about tags since you asked, well, you didn’t ask you declared, I’m going to jump in a lie. So tags are great way to organize content with Within Site because you can list content by a tag. For instance, if you tagged, all your blog post by one word, you can see a list of all the blog posts segment that it doesn’t help your ability to do search on your blog now. Sorry, let me rephrase okay working within the website not searching from Google. So exactly. Someone has to do with internal search within WordPress. Right. Wait, they don’t know. No. Maybe you were thinking of two different things though because with my with our blog posts in WordPress, yes WordPress tags. Yes, that doesn’t help with website searches. What the hell is the point of it. Then that’s a great question. Didn’t think about the stupid tags to write? Don’t Kill the Messenger, Don’t Kill the Messenger. It’s a different way of organizing the content on your website. It’s just a different way of organizing content.

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