Should I update blog post titles before I allow Google to index a website?

Blog Titles are very important when it comes to Seo and sometimes they might be factor in ranking your website, but should you update them before you allow Google to index your website?

Automated transcript:

on their wordpress site, they did have a option to discourage search changes from big in the site and I uncheck that box. Wow. that is you just made them millions of dollars. well, I wonder if I should have waited. The majority of the blockbuster posts or not orders of question. I was wondering if could changed into the question. Okay. So two questions number one. That’s the first thing I check every time I get a new client. Yes. I’m glad you checked it. un uncheck it immediately. Immediately they will start getting none mean like, I’m really. there’s it Google. so you’re talking about indexing On missed that one Okay. Yeah. The the check discourage engines Yeah. Retention of I know how many websites I’ve got where developers forgot to uncheck that. Yeah. I I think I my church. Did it. Well, amazing seo because I looked like. Oh, I gosh right finances cycle go now David you’re amazing well. okay So Then you said It is sub question to this, the majority of their blog post not in the forms of questions. should you have waited to un uncheck until you can update those blockbuster posts? And change them into into questions. Yeah. So, okay. That’s a really interesting question. So as of this practice, I really like blog posts set questions, but not always possible. Okay. it’s it’s It might be worthwhile go back into all blog person update them into questions. Yes it makes cents. if I were to do that, I would make sure not change the Url. because then you would have to. add redirect for every one of those. Got you. Okay. Right. And wordpress makes that real easy. All you do is change the. the the the title of the post, and it doesn’t change the Url by default unless tell. So What you could do is i’m do a little keyword with research to see which of these former blog posts Could be freeze and the question. that people are looking for the answer for yeah. That’s all Was speaking about and she has a lot of blog until like choose. five does she think i very important for people to know and see if we can change them into a Well, I wouldn’t leave it to the client and interested. I would go to the data and let the data tell you Do people ask this as a question? oh, okay. So. Okay. No. They’ll and find out. And then you have they are then you to go them and say, you know, you you you asking you have this blog post. it might do even better As a question, Okay. and and then make sure they’re okay with that. That’s kinda how I approach. Because I usually get permission, Mh. For you change client sites. Sometimes quite still care. Most of my clients. Care a lot, too much. about that. But That’s how I’m we do it. So I would go and then Then you know the ones that are worth making them into a question or worth the time you had it Otherwise, Otherwise, You could if For instance, They’re. Now. Yeah. Yeah. So I I think you did the right thing. i I think you uncheck the box first. Mh. and then you can later go and update posts. That’s okay. Okay. the key is not changing in the Url, so then because you changed the R and Google Re, you’ll have to have rights, you’ll lose a little bit to the redirect. And this way, you’re just kind of updating the posts. to be a little more search friendly for what people, your your potential customers are looking for. So it’s a really interesting question. I think I’m glad you ask that. That’s really cool. Thank.

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