Set expectations to your leads

You’ve worked hard to get that lead from your website. Don’t lose them with misplaced expectations.

If the whole purpose of having a website (and doing an SEO campaign) is to get more customers, make sure you set their expectations when they contact you from your website. Otherwise you might miss a huge opportunity.


When that that thank you page or, you know, whatever comes, you know, text comes up after they do the form. If you set the expectation, then, You will hear from us within this period of time and then say if it’s the weekend or holiday it may take longer. So at Lee if you were to email me on a Friday night you’re not going to hear from me until Monday most likely right? You know well it depends on what kind of business you are if you’re real but I’ll wait that long you lost it which is if you know going Org that this person’s hours. Mmm. Well you know you got the business hours there and when you send them something via email for fill out a form, it says we normally respond within 24 hours, which is acceptable, you know. However That response time may take longer. If it’s a weekend or holiday that already let you know. Hey, it’s Friday night. This person ain’t gonna get right back with me and I’m like yeah and I think that’s very important. It’s about a few messages you and you don’t get back with me for several days. Chances are either, I’d forgotten what I messaged you forward to start with or I’ve gone with somebody else. Lord knows, I’ve had that happen. It will get back to my own staff members. Get back to me like two weeks later and they’re like, oh yeah, you email me and I’m like, about what? I don’t know, like, I sent it and that’s it. It’s out of my brain. Then say, yeah, Anita, I think. Think your wisdom is a great way to end today, because it sounds to me, like, if we summarize what you said, the the confirmation page of a form should set expectations, Right Said, expectations. So that people aren’t disappointed. If you don’t work on Wednesdays, you’re closed on Mondays. People don’t think that that’s your negligent because it says on the confirmation page here are our hours yeah, right, it says, we promise to get back to you within You know, whatever, whatever it happens to me and that’s when business setting expectations. The purpose of the confirmation page, Brian, or if you’re using MailChimp or Constant Contact or any of them where they’re going to get an email that they need to click Link in, let them know. Hey, this is coming and we need you to do this to ensure that you’re able to do that. This is just setting that expectation. What’s the next steps? I think really relieves a lot of headache. I think that’s great. Definitely great Point.

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