Regularly test your web forms

Learn from our experience: test your web forms on a regular basis.

In this week’s Office Hours we talked about problem we found when testing web forms and productive things you could do with a confirmation email or page someone sees after submitting a web form.


And so this kind of brings up another point of how important it is to fill out your own form. Every once in a while, test it test the same client. I did this just out of curiosity and the message they were sending back to someone who submitted a form is This is what you sent us. It was just some blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I’m like, I sent it a director sales and like, you realize when a potential customer is submitting a form, this is what they’re seeing. And he was livid, Alvin did it? That is nice and sentence, we will be back with you shortly. Yeah, you know, that’s all you need. Now, you could do stuff like All kinds of great stuff follow us on Facebook. Here’s a YouTube channel of what you can expect working with us. You know, here’s some client. Testimonials here, download our lead gen device, like there’s all kinds of great things you can do in the message. You send back to someone or on the confirmation page. I’ve seen some really great confirmation pages that had like YouTube videos where you get to meet the CEO and the CEO says, hey, so I’m looking forward to working with you, you know? I’m so glad to help, you know, whatever there’s all kinds of really cool things you can do. Yeah, well it’s not like you’ve got something to say, are you heckling me? Oh no, that’s brilliant. I like I have our marketing meeting tomorrow and I could already tell you, I’m going to be like, we should adjust our submission Peach. Yeah. Instead of thank you for your submission, putting a wealth of other things there. I never even occurred to me to do something like that and you want Increase your Instagram followers, link to your Instagram page from your email response and are your confirmation page. I think Ali For You, especially, you know, maybe maybe there’s something like, you know what, you need to know before you use our services kind of video. Maybe, I mean, what we do have a video called, like, what is a ba the, which might be good. It’s sort of, kind of figuring out making the Assumption. Like, two people who contact us already know what they’re contacting us about. Or not. So I feel like usually people who contact us already do now. So maybe linking more to either our social media or Char blog posts or even just doing like a personalized message from Kara. Like something like that would be off. That would be very powerful. Like it has even that according to message. I so look forward to working with you. Here’s some hours of people that have worked with us. Timon eals. So you know, you’ve contacted the right place. Well, that was a lot of our strongest feedback. We’ve gotten has to do with how personal we are, and how we highlight our employees. We actually just started a new campaign that I’m hoping he’s going to be successful. We’re so previously. We would each month. We highlight an employee, right? And we call an employee Spotlight and do that. So, we’re also now doing cuz, you know, our our business is Grand. Of your services. So we call it. GB s where we’re doing a GBS journey and each month. We’re highlighting an employee. Who’s been with the company for a long time and talking about the Greer, they started with us versus where they are now to highlight the growth. Is within the company culture, and then we’re marketing that onto, like, LinkedIn and Facebook. And for our professional growth to try to get more, you know, employees interested in joining to show like you can start small and then grow, you know, to a much more important position within the company because we’re a small organization and we tend to Source inside for positions first. So, But no, I love that idea of like Cara being like, hey, I’m Karen and Patricia.

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